Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bridget Jones 3: The Anglo-Saxon criticism scratch Renée Zellweger – The Point

At the moment, Renée Zellweger must have ears whistling. Twelve years after Bridget Jones 2 and after a break of six years in his career, the actress of 47 years is back in the shoes of the most famous single. Her character, always awkward, becomes pregnant by accident (because users condoms) and do not know who the father is this the handsome American (Patrick Dempsey) or Mark Darcy (Colin Firth)?

The problem: during his retreat from the screens, the US has certainly undergone cosmetic surgery. His face is not quite the same, and his expression is somewhat fixed. This detail has not escaped the Anglo-Saxon press. “It’s a sad universal truth, but when a woman has been a victim of gender-based criticism of its look, so it’s almost impossible to judge his performance as an actress without going to a misogynist, begins The Hollywood Reporter . Yet it must be said, Zellweger is by far the weakest link in this film. This is not so much because his face does not move, but because his gaze is turned off. The figure floats above history, only interested in men who fight for love, barely interested in her baby but full of weariness. His co-stars are struggling and are idiots, trying to fill in the blanks, but it is not good. “

Zellweger is by far the weakest link in the film

Critics not tender either with the new personality of Bridget. In this third installment, heroin 43 years is single and proud of it, it reached an “ideal” weight (that she got all thin). She leads her master producer of a hand career and good and beautiful men fall into his arms without it will do nothing. The character is still as wacky, but lost his madness. “It’s not really our Bridget, said the English website Digital Spy. Jones was a source of joy in part because it represented all women. She drank too much, smoked too much, missed all his plans and slept with the wrong people, but it was a nice person with a heart [...] And suddenly she became ambitious but it is no more inspiring [.. .] It is not a bad thing [...] We are not just longer quite sure whether one of us. “The American magazine Variety deplore, meanwhile,” the lack of heat “of the actress and judge his performance as” vulnerable “.

A misogynist need to punish women famous for their appearance

will there be someone to rescue the Zellweger soldier? Only The Guardian plays a different side of the story. “The return of Renée Zellweger was overshadowed by a media overreaction about the plastic surgery she obviously suffered. This is an overreaction related to this traditional misogynist need to punish women famous for their looks. In this film, his eyes and his mischievous smile had been replaced by something more direct fixed. So what ? In some scenes, and at certain angles, Zellweger is always more or less the same. At other times, it is as if it had regenerated, as Dr Who. “Not sure that this argument serves the case of the actress.

The press has generally applauded this third installment judged much better than the second. “Strong gags, and incredible crucial turning slapstick comedy moments make this film a solid and satisfying comeback, says The Guardian . Which completed to seduce us, surely this huge moment of comedy when Dempsey, Zellweger and Firth trying to reach the hospital. “” Baby Bridget Jones will not go down in history, says Variety , but it is interesting to see a romantic comedy with a starring role in the mature woman fight to keep his job. “” This is not a bad thing to see a normal woman, intelligent and able to be independent and successful, juggling career and family. It’s good. It is important [...] We are happy that this film is “weakly defends Digital Spy . The final word comes to magazine Entertainment Weekly “The script landed us with sincere and loud laughter and the whole is evil, but some jokes give us the impression of being as old as Bridget hoods. “


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