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Guillaume Canet, Marion her precious love – Paris Match

In the columns of “Madame Figaro”, Guillaume Canet was speaking about his relationship with Marion Cotillard.

This is a happy man, a happy father. Since he shares the life of Marion Cotillard, Guillaume Canet admit, this is no longer the same man. The couple leads a perfect life away rhinestones and sequins and the chance to share vibrant moments with their little boy Marcel. In parallel, independently of each other, Marion and Guillaume lead a brilliant career; him in achieving it has become the biggest star of French cinema

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the occasion of the release of “Cézanne and me,” William gave an interview to “madame Figaro” magazine in which he tells about his love for Marion Cotillard. Over the years, the actress has become a pillar. “This is Marion, my wife drives me to move forward, that puts me face my limits, my contradictions, all that one hates oneself heard, but that we need to move,” says t -he. “Marion has often been valuable cropping on my behavior. For years I was a nervous, blood, capable of reacting to the quarter turn. “

But the declaration of love does not stop there. Guillaume himself as a new man thanks to “two or three” friends and especially thanks to Marion. The actor / director has realized that life is too short; that we must not waste time to move forward. “I could not continue to have these reactions irascible not because they were difficult for others, but above all for myself.” William then ends with these words: “It slowed my evolution, my quest, my job … Anyway, I spent too much energy to get irritated. I feel like I mellowed and become more responsive to the people. “

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