Saturday, September 3, 2016

“The Great Ramble” celebrates 50 years in the village of Meursault – Europe1


This is one of French films most cults of the 20th century. The Great Mop , made in 1966 by Gérard Oury with Bourvil and Louis De Funes, has long been the most seen French film with 19 million viewers. Fifty years later, Scent of a Woman, Meursault, Cote d’Or, remembers the filming that has deeply marked the village.

Some scenes of the film restored. Everything here celebrates the anniversary of the film, starting with the town hall, an ancient castle that Gérard Oury had turned into kommandantur. For good cause, the original sign was relocated Friday. All weekend, visitors can attend the reconstitution of cult scenes, “you will have the bed scene, when De Funes is found in bed with Germany and it is absolutely fabulous It’s a scene. anthology, with numbers that rotate, 9 and 6, “said Denis Thomas, president of the tourist office.


Heard on Europe 1

Funes was very reserved, very discreet. Bourvil, he was grinning

A set of the time

Former extras participating in the festival. also present extras at the time. Those who, for example, playing firemen, the winemakers themselves, aged twenty years at the time. As Peter Bouserot they fondly remember these moments with the two actors are fifty years: "When Bourvil and De Funès exited through the door here, with Bourvil on the shoulders of De Funès, it was folded in half laughing They were very different. from Funes was very reserved, very discreet Bourvil, he was grinning he told stories, he made us laugh, "if he remembers... This same Bourvil who did not hesitate at the time to stroll cycling in the vineyards and drink with the locals. But how else to Meursault, as the village is renowned for its white wine.


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