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Catch-up tv, September 27 : Hanouna soon on Canal +, Pauline Delpech speaks, the sorrow of Françoise – Tv Star

By Sasha Beckermann September 27, 2016 at 19: 00 – updated on 27 September 2016 19: 00

Catch up tv from September 27

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1. Cyril Hanouna landed on Canal +

Hanounight Show : this is the code name of the new issue of Cyril Hanouna of which we have already spoken about it last march . But this time, not a matter of seeing the hellion of the PAF on a C8 : the program will be aired in the second part of the evening on Canal+ on Wednesday, October 19, from 22: 50.

2. Pauline Delpech speaks

In a Thousand lives broadcast on France 2, Frédéric Lopez collects the confidences of personalities or anonymous come to deliver on their life’s journey. This Tuesday, September 27, it is Pauline Delpech who has agreed to talk about his life , evoking little by little, her ill-being, which led to anorexia : “I wanted everyone to be around me. I wanted people to have pity on me” she first confided before telling of how it has changed due to anorexia : “I’m going to be obsessed by the idea of being slim, then it’s going to be lean and then disappear. When I walked in the street, people were scared, and I loved it“.

3. The big grief of Françoise

TheLove is in the meadow is not always an effective method for farmers to meet their soul mate. Sometimes, disappointment is waiting for you and some unlucky make the difficult experience from the beginning of the show. This is the case of Eric who has not received a single letter. The one who wants at any price to find one with whom he can start a family has agreed to receive Françoise thanks to the strength of conviction of Karine Le Marchand. But during the speed-dating, the farmer of the Saône-et-Loire gave little attention to its contender who has had to make conversation…

4. Florent Manaudou changing lane !

I’m pretty good at sport [...] I want to do the hand later [...] if I can, one day, to play even at the professional level, this would be awesome for me.” In march 2016, while the olympics in Rio in anticipation, Florent Manaudou outlined as well the cravings for conversion to Provence . Handball is not a discipline totally new for the young athlete of 25 years who has practiced for ten years. Now, the J. O. are behind. And the brother of Laure Manaudou was immediately kept his word, since it has just started to train with the team 2 of the club of Aix-en-Provence, the PAUC handball.

5. Christophe Beaugrand complaint

Shortly before taking the antenna on NT1 on Monday, 26 September, Christophe Beaugrand is expressed on Twitter, very angry . In fact, he had just been informed of a very bad news : he was made to shine ! “Learn that there is a home break-in at 3/4 of an hour of the antenna… Check ! P*****…“, a-t-he writes. His followers then brought a little comfort, but remembered that this mishap was not foreign. This is done several times as the presenter of Secret Story 10 is a victim of theft recently, what he has confirmed. “It’s been three times yes. Not a matter of chance, it is the life of a suburban house, alas,“, he added.


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