Tuesday, September 6, 2016

TPMP: columnist and the new mystery of the show is … Lââm! (VIDEO) – TV Loisirs.fr

Since yesterday, Cyril Hanouna kept an ace up his sleeve … a / a new / new reporter / columnist mystery join the table Do not touch my post! during the new season. But who is this hidden personality in an owl costume? Columnists in place to guess! After a set of questions / answers is finally Benjamin Castaldi who finds his identity. “Is this owl is the knife cousin?” he asked the presenter. A subtle way to guess the name of Lââm …

& gt;! & Gt; & gt; TPMP: what “huge surprise” cast we reserve Cyril Hanouna

Yes, it is indeed the singer popularized in the 90s with hits like Singing for those? who are away from home (a cover of Michael Berger) or even New year’s children 2000 . After a slump in the music industry (despite several comeback attempts) and after leaving the troupe Enfoirés after many years Lââm could therefore find some fame alongside Cyril Hanouna.

Are you happy with this new recruitment? Lââm will she prove Do not touch my position ?

And as a bonus? The difficult start of columnist surprise that hung in the air and covert owl nearly choked:


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