Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Delormeau, humiliated in TPMP, has not participated in the show on Wednesday night – The Express

In February, the journalist Bruno Donnet reported “meanness” of Key not at my post, which had, according to him, made Matthew Delormeau his scapegoat. The person concerned had denied, Cyril Hanouna as well.

But since Monday, the columnist of C8 is again experiencing moments complicated. He has not participated in the show on Wednesday, when it was originally scheduled to be a part of it. “Friends! I will not be here this evening in Key not at my post. I love you strong”, he just announced on Twitter, without giving further explanation as to his absence.

“He had to come, he had not come… He is a little tired, I think, this evening, he needed to see a doctor, but nothing serious. Normally, it will be there tomorrow”, just to explain Cyril Hanouna during the show, before addressing a word to those who accuse him of harassment against Matthew Delormeau. “Mingle your ass, and stop”, he yelled.

Delormeau, a “buffoon” for Hanouna

Matthew Delormeau has known a beginning of the week very complicated. Monday, Géraldine Maillet, a novelist and film director, having already illustrated for its insulting of the contestants of reality tv, tells the public of C8 (over a million viewers every night) that he is homosexual.

information “ever confirmed”, responds a Cyril Hanouna hilarious. Despite the discomfort of the chronicler, the “joke” continues a few minutes, thanks, or because of, Gad Elmaleh.

on Tuesday evening, Matthew Delormeau is still not at the feast. While he complains of not being treated well, he was the “star” of NRJ12 (in his words), Cyril Hanouna take it. Violently. After releasing a “she is nervous” at the address of its chronicler.

“No, but, excuse me, I’m still going to go back on a thing, because I have enough of it to say ‘on NRJ12, I was…’. NRJ12 they have put out such a crap. Not gonna lie, if this is true. Stop. Because I am going to tell the story! Who is it that came in July in my office as a mourner, huh? But shut your mouth! What a buffoon!”

A monologue which does not respond to Matthew Delormeau.

The CSA will he intervene?

On Twitter, this sequence has stopped, many users asking the CSA to intervene.

Cyril Hanouna, him, had announced that he would give a response on Wednesday night, explaining on Twitter that journalists did not understand “the darkas”, which can be translated by “the cool guys”.

The Superior Audiovisual Council, tells The Express have received 19 reports the result of the sequence of Tuesday night. “There will be a statement according to the usual procedure, it will be studied, until the final decision by the College.”

Recently, in the wake of the case of the slap of JoeyStarr Gilles Verdez, the Commission had indicated that the responsibility for this televised event returned to Cyril Hanouna.


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