Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stingy ! : three reasons to save a cinema ticket – The Figaro

VIDEO – Weakness of the scenario, good feelings, lack of pace… The new film from Fred Cavayé starring Dany Boon in the role of a violinist fine for do we not all laugh.

François Gautier, played by Dany Boon, is a clip-on competition. A violinist and gifted, but a stingy pure and hard since his childhood. One day, he falls in love and discovers the existence of his great daughter, who believes in generosity to any event. Director of thrillers, Fred Cavayé tries, with Cheap!, to the comedy. An exercise in which he excels not really. Le Figaro gives you three reasons to save a ticket.

● scenario two-under: It can be summed up in the adventures of minimalist and devoid of the slightest interest to François Gautier, a violinist miser who could just as well be attendant positions. This Scrooge of shoddy, who turned off the lights in all the rooms where he passes, discovering a heart. Yes, he falls in love with a cellist, embodied by Laurence Arné in which we wonder what she came to do in this galley. And learns at the same time he has a great daughter (Noémie Schmidt, revealed in The student and Mr. Henri). Because, yes, in his youth, he used condoms to the expiry date very, very outdated. The story is sewn with white thread. We have tried to note some of the lines funny. In vain.

One direction actors pretty chick: The producers (all) bet on Dany Boon in the lead role of Harpagon in the third millennium. The actor uses and abuses of grimaces and grunts, is taken to de Funès. He sweats at the idea of paying the note of the restaurant. Crumbles at the idea of paying a bulot. It seems to free wheel without anyone to tell him that he, in fact, much too. Despite their generosity, evident actresses that face no choice other than to play the foil.

A realization at a discount: the Most familiar of detective films (point blank in 2010 and Mea culpa, in 2014), Fred Cavayé seems uncomfortable in the registry comical. His camera is merely the bare minimum. The scenes are linked together flatly and awkwardly. Without pace. This sometimes proves to be annoying. And it goes in the epilogue, we can not moral, which is not economical of the best feelings. In short, it was a good laugh of boredom.


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