Viggo Mortensen in Captain Fantastic Matt Ross – Universum film / Erik Simkins / Bleecker Street / Mars films

Stanley Tucci,
 And Todd Solondz
 Matt Ross (at least) two things in common: All three made independent films in the US and all three are present
 American Film Festival of Deauville. “The notion of” independent “longer means much. It has become a generic term for all films addressing topics for adults, “says 20 Minutes Stanley Tucci, comedian, who signed including The Big Night ( 1996) and The impostors (1998)

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A difficult public to convince

Todd Solondz, who presented the strong uplifting Dachshund (out September 19) in competition, is not really more optimistic. “It took four years to find funding because my very black humor struggling to find its place among the superhero movies and blockbusters. “Is it because the viewers do not seem to want to see serious works and prefer entertainment? “Independent film is still strong because it has never been easier to make movies using digital but people consume them on video platforms making them financially unviable” nuance Matt Ross, director of Captain Fantastic (out October 12) also in competition.

the distribution in question

one of the big problems that developers face is to find rooms ready to show their films. “Distribution is really problematic because multiplexes prefer to give priority to works they consider most promising. Go see our films in the cinema requires extra effort from the public, “says Todd Solondz. The solution, developers might find the side of the TV. “The cable channels give much more freedom than on the big screen and this is why I plan to turn my project it says Tucci. In addition, the mini-series format helps develop the characters. “

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Festivals to the rescue

The three designers are however not ready to give up. Face adversity, they found a true bubble of oxygen through the film festivals. “An event like Deauville gives a real boost by reminding the Hollywood industry that we still exist,” insists Solondz. The trio admits that France is proving an ideal cradle for their feature films. “The French cinephile tradition has no equivalent in the US,” says Matt Ross. The reception they received on the boards has certainly reinforced this idea …

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