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Bygmalion: a “Special Envoy” involving Sarkozy shakes France Télévisions – The World


The presidential campaign opens with a new fever to France Télévisions, a few months after the crisis occurred during the preparation of an issue with Francois Hollande. This time, tension has crystallized around Nicolas Sarkozy and the release date of a subject of investigation on Bygmalion case – for which the prosecution has asked the correctional return of former president Republic

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Directed by the team of “Special Envoy” this topic is based in particular on a long testimony Franck Attal, a founder of the illegal communications agency suspected of having helped finance the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012. Without making a priori revelation compared to the evidence known justice, this testimony would point the responsibility of the UMP, and therefore Mr. Sarkozy. It is already shot, but the installation is not completed, such as the former head of state has so far not participated in the subject.

France wants TV lay low for the primary

At the beginning of July, the news director of France Televisions, Michel Field, approved the principle of this. It was scheduled for September 29, the date of resumption of the program “Special Envoy”, now presented by Elise Lucet and Mr. Field wished to reinvigorate.

But a few days later at a second meeting, the Director of information argued that this date was problematic because included in the campaign period of the primary of the right and center, which officially begins on 21 September. Without being already announced the candidature of Mr. Sarkozy was now almost certain and expected by the end of August. “I did not mean that France Télévisions could be suspected and manipulated in this campaign,” , today said Mr. Field.

As chronicles the Le Canard chains in its edition of September 7, the team of “Special Envoy” then disputes the decision, which is to refer the matter to December: it believes it can not be completed before September 21, and primary lasts until November 27. She also suspect Mr. Field to want to move the topic to not interfere with trade with Nicolas Sarkozy of the team around his possible participation in the new political program of France Télévisions, the first of which is scheduled for 15 September. “I refute absolutely have never raised this argument” , retorts Mr. Field.

Tensions with the Sarkozy camp

Committed in July these exchanges show during August and Michel Field gets the arrival of Nicolas Sarkozy on 15 September. But an internal source says his team made the threat to cancel his coming if the investigation goes on air during the campaign and to cancel the third televised debate of the primary, scheduled on France Télévisions on 17 November. A version already mentioned by Still images.

According to this source, the pressures of the candidate’s entourage on the team of “Special Envoy” are stronger and bridges are broken even before University summer Republicans in La Baule, on 4 September. Véronique Waché, communications director of the candidate confirms having announced to the team of “Special Envoy”, there are some days that no relatives of Mr. Sarkozy will no longer participate in this shoot, because there “an ongoing investigation” . It also argues that the team of “Special Envoy” was not warned from the start that she was working on Bygmalion case.

“I deny any intervention of Nicolas Sarkozy, she says finally. he never spoke to anyone of France Télévisions on the subject, he has other things to do. “ Relatives of former president nevertheless find some ” weird “ programming a documentary about a court case.

It is in this tense context that is announced the decision of the Paris court, Monday, Sept. 5, to recommend the dismissal of the former president in court. Michel Field then proposes to anticipate the spread of the subject Thursday, September 8, just after the 20 o’clock news. “This is the news that premium” says does one Wednesday at France Télévisions

Problem:. This calendar is not suitable at all to the team. On the merits, the period is considered too short to properly complete the subject. The production itself seems impossible in such a short time. “The management has proposed a distribution of the report after the primary or early December, then the refusal of the teams, wanted to anticipate this Thursday, which is a bad solution, tells a France 2 journalist Michel Field and management act in defiance of common sense, with conflicting injunctions and without anticipation. “

A reserve has been added a casus belli method: the announcement of the distribution of a subject Thursday in the format” twenty-six minutes “was made on Tuesday morning by a “leak” to the site puremédias. This has infuriated the team of “Special Envoy”, which sees a forced passage: for her, the released formula was only an option discussed Monday during talks with Mr. Field


a mailing “when it’s the best time”

Very ascent, the team of Elise Lucet and Jean-Pierre Canet Tuesday sought the support of the company journalists of France 2 and asked for an appointment to the managing editor, Alexandre Kara. But the president, Delphine Ernotte, preferred to receive itself makers of “Special Envoy”. It officiated in favor of Michel Field for broadcast Thursday on a twenty-six minutes

A solution unacceptable for journalists, who continued to push for an alternative. – The spread of Thursday a shorter subject, between five and ten minutes – and resolved to publicize the case

They got a concession. the decision was made Wednesday morning to broadcast from the testimony Mr. Attal at the 20 o’clock news on Thursday. As for the “Special Envoy” spent on the case, its distribution is not dated: “It will pass when it’s the best moment, according to news» , they say in the entourage of the president, avoiding to resolve the most sensitive point.

a few months after the controversy that has surrounded the issue “citizen dialogues” with François Hollande, the case demonstrates a total if the permanence of a hint towards management of information. that of not prove strong enough vis-à-vis politicians and miss method

It also reveals a conflict power between Michel Field and Elise Lucet, promoted responsible magazines on Thursday in the wake of the success of “Cash investigation” and erected in Fig public service journalism. A figure indirectly attacked by Mr. Sarkozy in his recent book, Everything for France , in which he blames “The highly touted investigation” that are its eyes France Télévisions

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