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Bruce Springsteen : 5 info moving on the one who is “Born in the USA” – Staragora

It was nice to return the image to a hard to cook in the well-tempered character, Bruce Springsteen remains a human being, sensitive and complex. In his autobiography, Born to Run, published Tuesday, September 27, editions Albin Michel, the Boss book like never before. The book, written entirely by the musician, without the help of anyone, says without detour the cracks of Bruce Springsteen, his father’s depression, passing by his childhood very poor. Back on the moving confessions of the Boss.

The father, of the rebellion in the understanding

Bruce Springsteen has never hidden his conflicting relationship with his father, especially in his songs. In Born to Run, he admits today have harshly judged : “I have not always been very fair with my father in my songs, when I described as the archetype of the parent, neglectful and authoritarian“. Now, he knows that Doug Springsteen has long battled alcoholism and mental health disorders. “The story is much more complicated. Not in the detail of the events but in the ‘why’ of it all“, he explains.

The fight against depression

his father’s, Bruce Springsteen received something else : the heavy weight of depression. Followed by a psychoanalyst for the past 25 years, the singer is constantly battling against it, and especially when he comes home from tour. Addicted to the cheers of his audience, the Boss is estimated to have a debt of gratitude to his therapist and is certain that he would never have held without his wife, Patti Scialfa.

Her mother, her hero

While he has long maintained complex reports with his father, Bruce Springsteen dedicated a limitless admiration for his mother, Adele. the Born in a family of very pauvre, the young Bruce dreams of making music. This will be his mother, a secretary, who will be able to collect enough money to offer him his first electric guitar. This is also his first fan. Aged 90 years, we have seen this year dancing on stage with her son at a concert in Madison Square Garden !

No to drugs

as surprising as it may seem for a star of the rock ‘ n ‘ roll, Bruce Springsteen entrust never having taken drugs, and only drink alcohol in moderation. The musician sees two reasons : the lack of money during its early beginnings, and having seen some of her friends “mentally crumbling” because of their power consumption. “Me poison the body with crap, not even in a dream,” he concludes.

Lord douteur

Despite its immense fame, which gives it the status of a demi-god, Bruce Springsteen is not the type to take the big head, quite the contrary ! The man doubt constantly of himself, as evidenced by his comment on her voice : “let’s be clear : I don’t really. I’ve got the power, the range, and the resistance of a bartender, but I do not have a nice color or a subtle voice in particular.” This voice has, nevertheless, permitted to sell 120 million albums around the world.


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