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Divorce Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt : 10 fractures of the stars who have broken our hearts – Pure People

the announcement of The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has the effect of a bomb. While the couple was married in 2014, two years after, the parents of Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne separate, and it is the beginning of a media whirlwind. A mythical couple of the very least, the opportunity to remember all ten breaks of stars that we have broken the heart…

far Horizons

On 24 December 1990 Nicole Kidman married Tom Cruise, her partner in the film Days of thunder. Their torque is without surprise the most prominent of Hollywood and they adopt a little girl Isabella and a boy, Connor. However, ten years later and after a film about the turmoil of marriage (Eyes Wide Shut), they divorced in 2001 after eleven years of marriage. And the spectrum of the scientology church, to which belongs the actor has not ceased to soar as the cause of their break-up…

The divorce of Rachel

If the separation of Brad Angelina Jolie is a shock, this is not its first major change. In 2005, he divorced Jennifer Aniston, star of Friends with which it formed a couple so glamorous. Particularly popular, lovers, stars separated after seven years of courtship and five year marriage, not without crashing the media, because of the emerging relationship of the actor with… Angie.

The sports star and the star of the tv

In November 2004, Eva Longoria started dating the basketball player, French Tony Parker, seven years her junior. After getting engaged in November 2006, they were married on 7 July 2007 in Paris. But three years later, the Desperate Housewife filing for divorce citing “disagreements insurmountable”, at the end of six years together and three years of marriage. His friend the presenter Mario Lopez, she said then to have discovered a hundred text messages a woman on the phone to Tony…

A divine idylle

An icon of French and american superstar : Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp were at the couple’s darling of Hollywood, combining talent and discretion. Parents of Lily-Rose – actress promising – and Jack, they fascinated the whole world. Until their break-up and formalized in 2012, after fourteen years of divine romance.

A guy, a girl,

They were chouchou and loulou’s on tv in A guy, a girl,, they will then be beyond the screens. Jean Dujardin and Alexandra Lamy met in 2003 and will be inseparable, marrying in Anduze in 2009. But the oscar-winning actor will formalize their break-up four years later, putting an end to persistent rumours about their relationship.

Vinz and Bella

The‘Apartment, Dobermann, the Pact of The Wolves... Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci were a couple fascinating on the screen as in the city. But the French and the Italian, the parents of two daughters (Deva and Leonie), formalizing their break-after seventeen years of common life, and fourteen years of marriage in 2013.

They were so romantic

The top model Heidi Klum and singer Seal have written a fairy tale… with a purpose. At the beginning of 2004, Heidi then five months pregnant, meeting with the interpreter Kiss from a Rose and then gives birth may 4, 2004 in New York city, the girl’s biological Briatore, Helene Boshoven nicknamed Leni, whom Seal adopted officially in 2009. The couple married on may 10, 2005 on a beach in Mexico – renewing tenderly her vows every year – and have three other children : Henry, Johan and Lou. But in 2014, it is drama, they split up after seven years of marriage.

She had tattooed his name…

The heroine of Working Girl Melanie Griffith is married four times, and the last will be with Antonio Banderas, for which she will make a tattoo on his arm. The mother of Dakota Johnson (born out of his relationship with Don Johnson) and Alexander (whose father is Steven Bauer) will have a third child with the Spanish star, Stella. But after eighteen years together, they split in June 2014.

The Garfleck, the ideal family

If Hollywood seems to be a world without mercy, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, with whom she has toured in Daredevil, seemed as solid as the one for the other. Conveying the image of an american family model, with their three children Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, they traumatized the whole world when they have formalized their divorce. And each time they were reviewed together for the good of their children, it makes us hope for a reconciliation…

The filmmaker and his muse

the couple was furiously well-matched : he, Tim Burton, the filmmaker’s gothic, it -, Helena Bonham Carter, the actress eccentric. Both are overflowing with talent and the director directs his muse brilliantly from Planet of The apes, a film where they met. But their relationship (sometimes surprising, because they lived separated) does not survive to their films. After thirteen years, the parents of Billy and Nell are separated.


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