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Revenge with light eyes (TF1): in which series you saw the actors? – TV

Laetitia Milot is the heroine of the The Vengeance with blue eyes , new French saga that starts on TF1 Thursday, September 8 at 8:55 p.m.. The actress has already worked with TF1 , with the first TV movie, We will meet , released in 2015, but also by participating in the season 4 of Dancing with the stars . If she made her TV debut in 2004 with the reality TV M6 Operation Seduction , thanks largely to Plus belle la vie that the actress was revealed to the public. Since the launch of the series on France 3 in 2004, Laetitia Milot Melanie Rinato embodies the waitress that the Mistral has grown. And despite his many films, the young woman remained loyal to the series that made him famous

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Face it, Bernard Yerlès plays the patriarch of the clan Knight, the character she plays in The Vengeance clear-eyed is determined to destroy. At 55, filmography of Bernard Yerlès is provided. The actor toured particular for television, especially for TF1: The duo , Rose and Val with Jean-Michel Tinivelli, or series that just s’ stop, my friends, my loves, my shit .

Claire Borotra , who plays the right arm of Etienne Chevalier, is also no stranger to television. The actress, 42, former girlfriend of Jérôme Anger has also been also a saga of heroin. In 2003, the public followed his adventures in The Blue Ocean , a mini-series of TF1. In 2015, Claire Borotra has been part of the series The Mystery Lake , on a well, where she notably shot with Lannick Gautry this The Vengeance with blue eyes too

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Lannick Gautry , precisely, is one of those actors that we see a lot in that time. In film, he turned in Table Map , La Cage gold , The Francis or Any first time . On television, he has participated in several television movies, including Code Name: Rose Claire Keim, and made an appearance in Season 8 of Do not do it, not do it . The Vengeance with blue eyes , he plays the role of a cop, as in The Mystery Lake .

The Vengeance with blue eyes depicts a family of three brothers. The eldest is played by Aurélien Wiik , seen for example in Inquisitio , Brothel , or in the saga of M6 Laura and The cursed Kings . Alexander, his brother, is played by Benoît Michel, well known to fans of Clem , Family series of TF1, to take the role of Jerome the husband of the heroine. He also played a boyfriend Soline Lepic Do not do it, not do it and will be back in the ninth and final season of the fiction of France 2. the youngest brother Knight is played by Roby Schinasi , which made an appearance in season 5 of Clem. the actor mostly played in the Boarding in 2009 on M6, and held small roles in Plus belle la vie and Gossip Girl.

Lola Dewaere , daughter of actor Patrick Deweare, played in the series of ephemeral TF1 The Cruise . The actress also turns to the cinema, as in Blimey! Charlotte de Turckheim. The Vengeance with blue eyes , it takes the role of teammate Lannick Gautry .

Sophie Duez , 53, also appears in the series and embodies the aunt of heroin. The actress has toured extensively in film and television. On the small screen, she played the lead role in the series Pier 1 on France 2 between 1997 and 2001 series in which Astrid Veillon succeeded him.


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