The actor Jim Parsons, interpreter of Sheldon Cooper in “The Big Bang Theory”, march 16, 2016. – Rob Latour/Shutterstock/SIPA

The classification of the actors of tv u.s. reflects the success of the series in which they play : The Big Bang Theory, in Modern Family, NCIS… The winners of the biggest annual wages is dominated by four of the actors from The Big Bang Theory Jim Parsons in the lead. The interpreter of Sheldon Cooper has earned $ 25.5 million between June 2015 and June 2016, according to the ranking established by the magazine Forbes (English link).

Follow Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar. Jim Parsons, who earns a million per episode, was already in the top of the charts for the previous period (June 2014-June 2015). The series, which is the largest hearing in the United States, is also lucrative for the performers women. Kaley Cuoco, the interpreter of Penny and earned $ 24.5 million for the twelve months ended in June. It is, however, almost two times less than Sofia Vergara, that precedes it in the ranking of the actresses tv best paid (and which crushes all the world with 43 million dollars).

This last plays in Modern Family, which is doing well in its male actors. Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O’neill and Eric Stonestreet are a part of all over $ 10 million.

Finally, NCIS, which is also part of the large u.s. audiences, is the happiness of Mark Harmon (who plays Gibbs, and co-produced the series), and Michael Weatherly. The interpreter of the agent’s “very special” DiNozzo comes, however, to leave the investigation department of the Navy to launch into another series, Bull. At the risk of disappearing from the list ?

Here is the complete ranking list :

1. Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) : $ 25.5 million

2. Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) : $ 24 million

3. Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory) : $ 22.5 million

4. Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory) : $ 22 million

5. Mark Harmon (NCIS) : $ 20 million

6. Ty Burrell (Modern Family) : 12 ; 5 million

7 ex aequo. Nathan Fillion (Castle) : $ 12 million

7 ex aequo. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family) : $ 12 million

7 ex aequo. Ray Romano (Vinyl) : $ 12 million

10. Ed O’neill (Modern Family) : $ 11.5 million

11. Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) : $ 11 million

12. Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) : $ 10.5 million

13 ex aequo. Michael Weatherly (NCIS) : $ 10 million

13 ex aequo. David Duchovny (X-Files) : $ 10 million

15. Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy) : $ 9.5 million

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