Monday, December 19, 2016

Alicia Aylies, Miss France 2017, responds to racist attacks – The Parisian

Miss Guyana, elected Miss France 2017 Saturday night, was unable to avoid the inappropriate remarks on social networks, but it responded with intelligence that Monday morning.

Des racist comments that have emerged on the Canvas following the election of the very beautiful Miss Guyana with green eyes the title of Miss France 2017 Saturday night. Alicia Aylies, 18 years old, responded on Monday at the micro Europe 1. “People may need to see a Miss France of color, responded the happy chosen one. I represent the overseas, it is a matter of pride for me.”

For its part, Sylvie Tellier stressed that “the victory of the beauty of the woman, regardless of the color of their skin””. “Last year, we had criticised Iris (Miss France 2016, ed) to be more attractive than tanned. This year, it shows that the overseas has won and I am thrilled”, she added.

A first for the Guiana

With the election of Alicia Aylies, this is the first time that Guyana has won the title of Miss France. Its regional committee, who knew that she’d be favourite, had set the package for the preparation, scheduling sessions, mock interviews every two days. The one that the model is Michelle Obama, admitted this weekend : “It will take me to mature”.

Faced with the first negative reactions of the pot of the Internet, which builds on the intensive programme organized by the promotion Committee Miss France, deciding in the days that followed the election, the young Alicia is immersed in broth media, which will be a program of training accelerated.

VIDEO. Meeting with Alicia Aylies, 18 years and Miss France 2017

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