Thursday, December 22, 2016

Case Hanouna: the CSA decided to hit it hard – Le Figaro

After the soft method, the hard way. The Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) has just tighten it up a notch the noose around Cyril Hanouna by hiring a new sanction procedure against the chain C8, which is manned by the host of “Key not at my post!”. Rare, this action has been triggered on the grounds that the issue had gender prejudices, and presenting a poor image of the woman.

The constable was, however, released a first red card in November: a sequence in which the chronicler Jean-Michel Mayor kissed the chest of a young woman against her will had been to the DTT channel of the group Canal + to go to a formal notice. Even Laurence Rossignol, minister of women’s Rights, intervened in the situation. “I grabbed the CSA of the sexual assault”, she had said at the time.

that the regulator may appeal to the independent reporter of the Council of State as it does today, it was not only necessary to see a recurrence, but in addition on the same legal basis. Evidence that the host did not heed the warning, a few days later, he asked his columnist Capucine Anav to close their eyes and guess which part of his body she touched, and then he was guiding his hands on her sex.

a direct Consequence of the multiplication overflows: 6711 alerts for “Key not at my post” have been identified in 2016. A record…

the Outcry from women’s associations, controversy over the social networks and wave of indignation in the public opinion. The case triggers 1 379 complaints to the CSA in more than 2 700 on the episode of the kiss moved. As a direct consequence of the multiplication overflows: 6 711 alerts for “Key not at my post!” have been identified in 2016. A record which is worth the entertainment flagship of C8 to arrive at the head of the ranking of the emissions that have generated the most complaints to the regulator…

The sanctions procedure that has just been initiated following addition of bit of a first action taken by the CSA in the month of November for “undermining the dignity of the human person”. Suffice to say that, for several weeks, the warning shots have been numerous and repeated. Without, it seems, produce so far any effect on Cyril Hanouna. “There are plenty of people who say that we are giving the wrong example. (…) We try to give an example of a band that broke out,” was responded to by the serial repeat offender in his show, described as’prohibited donors of lessons”.

After the proclamation is made, it may well be that this time the CSA takes to real ball. By entering again the independent reporter of the Council of State, the regulator is clearly his finger on the trigger. In accordance with the law on audiovisual of 1986, it has a range of sanctions. First cartridge at its disposal: force the host to read a message to the antenna, such as for Claire Chazal in 2010 as the result of multiple errors in the JT of TF1. Second option: touch the string directly to the wallet. The CSA could impose on C8 is a fine of up to 3 % of the advertising revenue, excluding taxes, of the chain to Other options, the removal of the entertainment or the affixing of the logo “no one under 12 years”, condemning “Key not at my post!” in a broadcast late in the evening. And, in the worst case, but this would be a first, the CSA could even withdraw the authorization to issue C8. The verdict is expected to occur in the coming weeks or later in th e coming months.

For the program’s flagship C8, broadcast nightly in access, this would be a hard blow. “Key not at my post!” is in effect the locomotive advertising of Canal +. And Vincent Bolloré, the majority shareholder of Vivendi, has bet big on its host. He signed a cheque of € 250 million over five years, the company production of Cyril Hanouna. However, if his hearing is good, between 1.5 million and 1.7 million viewers, its curve of popularity took a big blow cold. To the point that Hanouna has been ejected from the last ranking of the 50 animators favorite of the French TV Magazine. In June 2015, it was yet installed on the 17th step of the podium…

“The atmosphere is complicated for the chains, engaged in a frantic race to the hearing, which grows to the fault in order to get buzz,” says an observer. The regulator could decide to put the kibosh on this over general. “This referral to the independent reporter on the right of women is unheard of. It is a sign that the law on gender equality enacted in 2014 and that gives the power to the CSA to punish the channels is useful and applied. It fulfils its role as a bulwark against the excesses of sexist on tv”), welcomes Sylvie Pierre-Brossolette, one of the members of the CSA. How to prevent that the member intends to use all the legal arsenal at its disposal to put an end to the impunity that currently reigns in the PAF.


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