Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Death of the writer and academician Michel Déon Le Figaro

EXTINCTION – one of The deans of the French Academy, died Wednesday, December 28, at the age of 97 years. Great traveller, the author of more than 50 books will be remembered as a nonconformist. He is of the novels unforgettable as taxi mauve and The ponies.

passed away on Wednesday, December 28, at the age of 97 years, Michel Déon, his real name is Edward Michael, was born in Paris on August 4, 1919 and grew up between paris and the Côte d’azur, where his father was counselor to the Prince of Monaco. Then he does his right, an author shakes: Charles Maurras. Mobilized in 1939, then he left for Lyon in 1942 and became secretary of the editorial in Action française to the sides of the political essayist. It remains straight in his boots: “When people ask me for who I vote, I answer that I am anyway monarchist since my youth and I do démordrai not”.

After the liberation of France, Déon trip: Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Portugal. In 1947 seems to be his first composition Farewell to Sheila (Robert Laffont), who later in 1990, remembrance. His friend Antoine Blondin, with whom he shared his political persuasion in the literary movement in The Hussars, is said of him that he writes “for the chicks”. Their world is secret, funny, delicate, and his psychological analysis of feelings trademark the readers. During his travels, he discovers a Greek island Spetsai, which became his refuge of choice. According to him, “the islomanie” allows for the immobility, and therefore inner peace. Both novels refer to it: The Balcony of Spetsai and The Rendez-vous de Patmos.

the time Comes the rewards. In 1970, The Ponies (Gallimard), received the prix Interallié, while the book touches on all the most popular theme of the period: Second world war, Algeria, the 6-day War. A taxi mauve (1973) received the Grand prix du roman of the French Academy ; and The Young green Man released in 1975. In 1951, he is a fellow of the Rockefeller foundation and moved to the United States, but do not forget her passion for writing (People of the night in 1958 by Plon).

In 1978, Déon was elected to the French Academy at the same time as Edgar Faure. But he doesn’t let his political aspirations aside and keep “a certain anarchism of the right, a pessimism that is intended for lucidity”. “I, who have so long grown my differences, I’m going to finally try to grow my similarities with people I am sometimes opposed to it,” he says about his election.

Michel Déon key also to the theater with My life is not a novel in 1989, Ariane or oblivion in 1992, as well as radio plays, or even a comic opera, Furia Italiana. It chaperone of young talent (Emmanuel Carrère, Jean Rolin, Britna Svit) while living in Ireland with his family.

But Déon is not only a writer of nostalgic, capturing the beauty of the human soul and of nature, he also knows how to take a position on the plan policy. In 1967 he published Mégalonose (The Round Table), in which he takes a stand against the France of General de Gaulle. The book does not live long, seized by the police.

In 1993 it book through an interview with his daughter, Alice, director of editions La Table Ronde (Talk…, (Gallimard). And he continues to publish: big in 1996, Mrs. Rose in 1998, Pages French in 1999, until 2013 (lightly). Blondin said that it was “the most intelligent person I have met in my life”. “If I wrote books, it may be to respond to the need to live the stories that others have not always been able to tell me”, confessed Déon.


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