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The most beautiful eyes in the cinema is closed – The Alsace.fr

She was 5 years old. An astrologer, a family friend, had predicted to the little Simone Roussel a destiny of a star. Ten years after, the film succumbed for the first time to the most beautiful eyes of the French cinema, in a film with the suggestive title, Mademoiselle Mozart. The debutante “in the light blue green magnetic” and the seduction a little remote met soon Raimu in Scribbles (1937) by Marc Allegret. His legend was running.

Become Michèle Morgan, the icon is unforgettable is revealed in 1938 on the cobblestones wet with the fatality and the rain of le Quai des brumes by Marcel Carné. A story of love, sadness unfathomable and wonderful, immortalised by a phrase worship, pronounced by Jean Gabin beautiful to cry when he said these simple words, written by jacques Prévert : “You have beautiful eyes you know “. She answers him : “Kiss me “.

More than 70 films

le Quai des brumes , one of the most beautiful and tragic films of the French cinema, and one of the first films banned by the French government at the time of the declaration of war because “démoralisateur” , will have marked for ever the career of a film actress with over 70 films, born in 1920 in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Quai des brumes was his legend, but Michèle Morgan, when she returned to America after the war, now married to the American Bill Marshall, received the Prix d’interprétation féminine at Cannes in 1946, for her role of blind girl in The pastoral Symphony (1945) by Jean Delannoy.

At Cannes, she goes into the light after a period of disappointing to Hollywood. Michèle Morgan has not been found roles in its measurement, even if she learned to sing and dance to give a reply to Frank Sinatra in Love and swing. In his last american film, Passage to Marseille , his partner is called Humphrey Bogart. In the 1940s and 1950s, Michèle Morgan has marked the French cinema, with films like Trailers , The Strange Madame X or If Paris we were told. It interprets of the great heroines but never the Nelly of the legendary Quai de Carné, who has made her an international star.

Michèle Morgan has worked with the greatest directors : Yves Allégret, René Clair, Sacha Guitry, Claude Chabrol, Claude Lelouch and Gérard Oury, one of the men in her life, under the direction which it has turned in to Crime does not pay in 1962. Michèle Morgan, in the 1960s, has turned less and less to the cinema, to paint and play at the theatre. “I’ve never had the opportunity to play the sexy women. You have to believe that my charm was not in my butt ” , was it at the time.

President of the jury of the Cannes film Festival in 1971, it is decorated by the Legion of honor the same year. In 1977, she also publishes her memoirs With Those eyes . The memory of national guard of his or her class, her blonde, and this extraordinary look. Forty years after Jean Gabin, Michèle Morgan is going. We remember his words : “Be a living legend, I don’t care ! I did what I wanted to do and it is awesome. “


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