Saturday, December 17, 2016

Miss Guyana wins Miss France To 2017 – The World

Alicia Aylies, 18, has been elected to Montpellier on Saturday among 30 hopefuls.

Miss France 2017, Alicia Aylies.

Beautiful dresses, a crown and tears: Alicia Aylies, Miss Guyana, 18 years of age, was elected Miss France in 2017 among 30 hopefuls on Saturday, at Montpellier, at the end of an evening placed under the sign of the magic of Christmas, and despite the criticism of the feminists.

The tiara, inspired by a bouquet of daffodils, was laid on the hair of the new Miss France, by the previous ambassador beauty of France, Iris Mittenaere, a Lille of 23 years, who had offered the last year of a double history to the region of the Hauts-de-France.

The young woman of 1.78 m, a first-year student of law, was ahead, Miss Languedoc, first runner-up, Miss Tahiti, second runner up, and Miss Guadeloupe and Miss Lorraine, the last two finalists.

Thirty young women, aged 18 to 24 years of age, students, or in activity, claimed the title of Miss France in 2017.

Twelve finalists have been selected by the organizers based on several criteria that rely mainly on their know-live –punctuality and rigor–, their good spirit, the expression stage, and the general culture.

Then, five young women were appointed equally by the jury –presided over by actress Arielle Dombasle, and composed of actress Ingrid Chauvin, Michèle Bernier, the former Miss France Malika Menard, singer, Amir, Christophe Barratier and the boxer, gold medallist in the J0 2016, Tony Yoka–, and by viewers voting by phone and SMS, before these new kind of device, elect their ambassador for the year 2017.

A contest created in 1920

The 30 hopefuls arrived on scene shortly before 21: 00, dressed in a sparkly dress of golden or red, ovationnées by the approximately 8 500 people gathered in the Arena of Montpellier.

TF1, which was broadcasting the contest exclusively, and hoped to capture more than 8 million viewers with a show ” magical and spectacular “, presented by Jean-Pierre Foucault, accompanied by Sylvie Tellier, Miss France 2002, today general director of society Miss France.

After a first array with a great number of sequins, the girls were chained to the choreography placed under the sign of Christmas, from the universe of candy to the ice, without forgetting the traditional parade in swimsuits, two times.

The contest, which was created in 1920 by journalist and socialite Maurice de Waleffe, elicited sharp criticism from feminists, notably of the association Dare feminism!, which has been linked to ” the ringardise the more vivid “.

The association expressed concern with the AFP model as conveyed by Miss France, denouncing the ” stereotypes physical unreal, not to mention the cult of the purity of competing without little friends “. the ” This competition is an hour of great listening, leads to a lot of suffering for other women who are not 1.75 m to 50 kilos, “, ” said Claire Serre-Combe, spokeswoman of the feminist association. the ” It is very curious that in 2016, we feel still need to be put in competition with women, not on intellectual criteria or merits, but on criteria purely physical “, she added.

Alicia Aylies will be the only miss. After more than 60 years of reign, the ” lady in the hat Geneviève de Fontenay, who had supported the creation of the contest dissident, Miss Prestige national, announced at the beginning of the year that it ” turned definitely the page miss “.


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