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VIDEOS. The new life of Miss France To 2017 – The Parisian

he said to me, ” you go there, do this, do that “. I do think more “. The day after his coronation, Miss France 2017 is in autopilot. At the helm, Sylvie Tellier guide the first steps of his new protégé, full of doubts and that ” everything is blurry “. “I prefer that it directs me, it reassures me,” says Alicia Aylies, 18 years old, first Miss Guyana to win the national crown, with 28% of the vote.

His green eyes capture our attention, but the sound and flow of his voice is in slow motion. “I only slept an hour and a half, indicates that this” great sleeper “. It will take me as I used to. “Since this morning, it does not stop. The program : photo sessions outdoors for “Gala” and ” Paris Match “, interviews for TF1, M6, LCI, or even a duplex, with BFM TV. At the mas de la Fouque, located in the middle of the natural reserve of the Camargue, it is the day of parade for the journalists.

Some hesitation…

Sunday at noon, we were the 9th on the list, but the first to show him the video of his coronation. First, her doll face freezes, and then the emotions come back up. “It was a beautiful moment,” says she. When I heard my name, I do not really expect. I told myself that I wasn’t going to win the crown. I was not ready. No, I’m still not. It will take me to mature, I have more confidence in myself. “

It goes on to talk about his ” bug ” 20 seconds to live, at the time of the boxer Tony Yoka asked him what was his dream and that she was not able to answer. “This is not my best performance, whisper-t-it. I had a white one, we thought all this passage. I would say Miss France, but I didn’t want to go to a snooty. “

However, its regional committee has put the package to the preparing for, scheduling of the sessions of the general culture and the simulation of interviews every two days. It is based on the question. This time, the answer is prémâchée : “My dream ? My family is close-knit, united. My family is my pillar. “

the only Daughter, her parents separated when she was three years old. “My daughter has had an unhappy childhood,” says his father, a purchasing manager in an SME in Martinique. But today, it is a fighter. “Ten years ago, the small Alicia followed her mother in Guyana. At this time, the future Miss France went on to competitions of a different kind. His passion is fencing.

on the other side Of the Atlantic, she collects titles in sword and foil. His ambition ? The olympic Games of Rio 2016. But with the approach of the Lac in French, travel in france trample on its course. At the age of 16, she decides to put his sword away. His new challenge : break into modeling. “I’m proud of it, but Alicia is very stubborn, emphasizes his father. She really could be a champion. “

His mother, a teacher of driving school, encourage them to take advantage of these “new opportunities” but would like it to continue his law studies to become an ” international lawyer “. For the past month, Alicia Aylies also found a second family with Miss overseas, all fans of the rap group Kalash.

A well-tempered character

” Alicia ? This is a girl who is determined, ensure Miss Mayotte, who was injured in the ankle. It would not have supported not to be in the twelve finalists. It has been criticised for not doing enough to smile, but it was that she was going to win. “A view nuanced by Miss Aquitaine, another close friend :” true, Alicia didn’t want too be Miss France… ” His strong character had annoyed several members of the organization Miss France.

His secret ? “She gave it all to the last moment, carried by the public “, gliding Miss Martinique. Its model ? “Michelle Obama, a woman of class who has done a lot for Us,” says Miss France. It would also like to meet singer Alicia Keys. And in France, who find grace in his eyes ? New glue. And this time, she did not even have twenty seconds to think about it. Sylvie Tellier stops the interview : “Miss France must go to rest. “

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