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Carrie Fisher, princess Leia of Star Wars, has joined the star – Le Figaro

EXTINCTION – Carrie Fischer, the unforgettable princess Leia of Star Wars, died on Tuesday, December 27, in Los Angeles died of a heart attack, announced a spokesman for the family in the magazine People. She was aged 60 years.

The american actress Carrie Fisher, made famous for her role of Princess Leia in the epic saga of star wars, died Tuesday, December 27 in a hospital in Los Angeles, reports the magazine People, citing his agent. She had been admitted last Friday after having been the victim of a tragic cardiac arrest, fifteen minutes before the flight 935 from London to Los Angeles landing at the airport of L. A. X., Friday, December 23. Immediately supported by the staff of the plane, and then by the fire department of Los Angeles, transferred to the emergency room, placed under respiratory assistance, and then admitted to an intensive care unit , nothing will be done.

“It is with deep sadness that Billie Heavy confirms the death of his mother worshipped at 08H55 this morning,” said the spokesman, Simon Halls, in a brief statement. Let us learn with a great emotion the death of the one that was believed to be immortal.

This is a little thanks to the buttons of her hair medieval that Carrie Fisher is a entry in the legend. In 1977 in the role of princess Leia Organa, she became one of the great heroines of the 7th art, in the Star Wars of George Lucas.

bikini golden in reference to Jabba The Hutt

For number of Star Wars fans around the planet, the disappearance of this actress cheeky and charismatic was not conceivable. But it is necessary to surrender to the evidence: princess Leia has returned to the stars.

Born October 21, 1956, Carrie Fisher was the daughter of crooner Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, actress of hollywood’s golden age who played the first role in the musical comedy by Stanley Donen Singing in the rain (1952).

She began in the theater alongside her mother. Then she got his first role in the romantic comedy of Hal Ashby Shampoo, written and performed by Warren Beatty. The next year will be decisive. Carrie Fisher auditioned together for the two films are completely different: Carrie by Brian de Palma and Star Wars of George Lucas. Selected by George Lucas, she refuses, finally, to turn in the film by Brian de Palma, due to scenes of bare. This is Sissy Spacek, who gets the role.

In the meantime , Carrie Fisher has made the right choice: thanks to the role of Leia Organa, a prominent member of the rebel Alliance, she immediately became a star. She went on to the filming of Empire strikes back Irvin Kershner in 1980, and then Return of The Jedi of Richard Marquand, 1983, or for its benefit in a bikini golden in reference to Jabba The Hutt, will leave an enduring impression many young minds.

Member of the jury of the 70th Venice international film Festival in 2013

Between two Star Wars, it rotates in the film The Blues Brothers de John Landis (1980). She also appeared in the popular show Saturday Night Live (which revealed the Blues Brothers ), or it is in a bikini she sings a song of the 50′s. Later, during an interview, she said: “It was a wonderful experience. I was living at the time with Paul Simon, just to the side of Lorne Michaels, the producer of the show.”

For Carrie Fisher, after Star Wars will be difficult. Suffering from addiction to drugs, alcohol, and heroin, the american actress, is away from film sets. Woody Allen makes the same appeal to her for Hannah and her sisters in 1986.

She then played the best friend of Meg Ryan in the romantic comedy from Rob Reiner When Harry met Sally, in 1989. The same year, she played in The Commuters (The Burbs), Joe Dante, where she plays the wife of Tom Hanks.

in The following years, she will make appearances in a few films such as Austin Powers (1997), or Scream 3 (2000). In 2013, she is a member of the jury of the 70th Venice international film Festival, under the presidency of Bernardo Bertolucci. A year later, she plays her own role (with lots of naughtiness and a little cynicism) in Maps Of The Stars, a painting of vitriol in the small community of Hollywood signed David Cronenberg.

But, it is with The Awakening of the Force, the seventh episode of Star Wars directed by J. J. Abrams that Carrie Fisher makes his big comeback into the skin of the character that has made it successful, princess Leia, became a general of the Rebellion.

Carrie Fisher has just completed filming the eighth episode of Star Wars directed by Rian Johnson. She had also made an appearance in Rogue One, a episode alternative of the Star Wars universe, where it embodies once again the princess Leia, as his face is rejuvenated digitally.

It is without doubt that face eternally young, evoking the power of hope, which will remain in memories…


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