Saturday, December 24, 2016

Los Angeles – Carrie Fisher continue to struggle for her life, Hollywood’s “pray” to it – The Express

The actress 60 years of age receives a “the best care,” said his brother, Todd Fisher on ABC.

It is a badass who survived a lot of things“, he added. “I encourage everyone to pray for her“.

Approximately 15 minutes prior to landing Friday, the actress was brunette with hazel eyes has stopped breathing, according to witnesses. After initial resuscitative care provided by passengers, members of the medical corps, it was taken in charge by the fire department at the airport.

according To the website TMZ, it took them 15 minutes of resuscitation, intensive to get a heart beat. She was taken to the emergency room of the medical center at UCLA.

In the late afternoon of Friday, Todd Fisher told the magazine the Hollywood Reporter that it was “er exit“, specifying in Variety that she was in intensive care, with no other details.

Harrison Ford, who plays the seductive gunslinger Han Solo that Leia battle the galactic Empire and lives a romance in “Star Wars“, “shocked and saddened” to learn of the hospitalization of his “dear friend“.

Our thoughts are with Carrie, his family and his friends“, he added, when asked by the magazine of celebrities People.

Peter Mayhew, who played the loyal ally to Han Solo, the giant creature hairy Chewbacca, tweeted that he was sending “his prayers to our friend, the princess ‘ favorite of all the world in this moment“.

Among the many messages of support, the presenter of tv star Ellen DeGeneres has called him to send him “of love and positive thoughts“.

Born in Beverly Hills on October 21, 1956 to the union of Debbie Reynolds, star of the musical comedy “Singing in the rain“, and the singer Eddie Fisher, Carrie Fisher grew up in the universe of the seventh art.

She became a star and planetary 20 years thanks to the role of Leia. A character that she is coming back for the next installment of the saga, “Episode VIII“, which should come out in a year. According to the website of reference the film is currently in post-production.

Carrie Fisher has made repeatedly on his addiction to cocaine, drugs and alcohol, confessing in particular, have taken drugs on the set of ‘ empire strikes back” (1980).

Camping recently a mother neurotic in the series “Catastrophe of Amazon, which she had just finished filming in London, she had also started in June to take an item of mail of the heart in the british daily The Guardian, promising “advice from a life full of setbacks and accidents“.


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