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Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, the history of their tempestuous relationship – The Figaro

VIDEO - The two famous american actresses, who have disappeared this week, will leave, perhaps, to the posterity the image of a mother-daughter relationship symbiotic. Yet, all was not simple in particular due to the problems of drugs of the interpreter of Princess Leia.

The actresses Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, the mother and the daughter, died only a few hours apart. If front of the cameras, they did not show anything, the relationships in the intimacy had been even more strained. In 2011, together on the same tray by the famous animator, american Oprah Winfrey, they revealed for the first time to the public at large that their reports had not always been cloudless.

“a Few times, I really thought losing Carrie. I had to smash many tears. But it was worth the money,” recounted Debbie Reynolds. “I haven’t talked to him for 10 years”, confessed about it Carrie Fisher. Difficulties that date back to the childhood of the person who will be the mythical Princess Leia.

In 1955, the star of Hollywood Debbie Reynolds, made famous by Singing in the rain, wife, the future father of her two children, Eddie Fisher. The couple divorced in 1959 as Eddie Fisher is a husband notoriously fickle. His adventure with Elizabeth Taylor, which was then the best friend of Debbie Reynolds, will result permanently from their love.

Carrie Fisher dark in the artificial paradise

From a young age, highly publicized, Carrie Fisher knows the hell of an artificial paradise. She is 13 years old, she began smoking cannabis. The teenage years are particularly eventful, but the deteriorating situation literally then that his career began. Become a world star at his tower, thanks to Star Wars, she sunk into the hard drugs. The actress’s flagship Star wars remembered: “We had a relationship remote when I was 20 years old. I didn’t want to be by her side. I didn’t want to be the daughter of Debbie Reynolds”. She becomes addicted to heroin and cocaine, among others. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds comment on this painful period with these words: “I had become a stranger. It is very hard when your child does not want to talk to you. I had a broken heart”.

A tear before a reconciliation

And it is after these addictions and a new hospital that Carrie Fisher is a diagnosed bipolar. This new blow embitters the relationship between the two women. “The most difficult moment between the two of us was definitely when it was discovered that she was sick. She had this mental problem, and this until the end of his life. It was very complicated. How would she live it? How could I help? All I could do to help, it was to love him and to love him forever,” confessed Debbie Reynolds, devastated by the illness of his daughter…

After several years away, the two women were finally able to reconnect. Even to the extent that, until their death, respectively, they lived one next to the other and visited all day. Before his last breath, the last words of Debbie Reynolds have been for her daughter: “I want to see Carrie”.

*A documentary for HBO, which tells the story of this relationship heart-rending, will be released in 2017.


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