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Rogue One, Ballerina: movies to see during the Christmas holidays, Le Figaro

VIDEOS – Movies animation, comedy, family, blockbusters, science fiction or films, the Christmas holidays offer a wide range to be projected to 2017.

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14 December

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. expected, a little less than theEpisode VII. The casting was less prestigious. As for the young director, Gareth Edwards, at the age of 41, he had two films at the meter: Monsters and Godzilla. This is probably why the effect of surprise is total. Leaving the room, after 2h13 star wars blue vw truck, one is tempted to say that we would like to keep for a long time the little stars in the eyes. Gareth Edwards has managed the placing on orbit of Rogue One. The story hangs up directly to one of the episodes mentioned only in theEpisode IV (released in 1977). Everyone remembers this image at the beginning of Star Wars : a new hope. A corridor of white, a princess with macaroons that hides something into a small droid. Luke Skywalker, Ben Kenobi, R2-D2 and C3-PO will never cease to convey to the Rebellion this famous secret plans to the death Star. So that’s the topic of Rogue One: we tell the tale of all those anonymous heroes, combatants of the shade, which have made their life so that Luke could fire its two missiles at the heart of this weapon of mass destruction, this “killer planet”, and have it explode in millions of pieces. For this, the writers depart from zero. They set up a heroin in heavy liabilities. Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones, charismatic) will do everything in order to wash the honor of his family. Rogue One is a true war film. It contains the codes. A group of resistance fighters hand in the crusade to steal the plans for a terrible weapon… the nose and the beard of the Empire and Darth Vader. We find the spirit of the original. There are a few of the dozen a pinch of Guns of Navarone, but most of all a great return to the sprit in theEpisode IV. We understand why George Lucas has loved this episode unreservedly. The equipped wild of this suicide squad is well worth the detour. It is a little long to put in place, but the Strength is there, especially during the final, which proves to be of anthology. With regard to the return of Vader, it is frankly impressive. In short, Rogue One is a film rupture, at the same time that a Christmas movie just a dream, intense, poignant, radical, which plays absolutely not the card of nostalgia. But, on the contrary, brings a new stone to the building Star Wars.

The girl without hands.A miller hungry and covetous man sells his daughter to the devil. Protected by her purity, she escapes after having his hands cut off, as a prelude to a long journey. Of this tale by the brothers Grimm, Sébastien Laudenbach is an animation film craft, entirely painted on paper. It is far from the clear line, the image is never finished. It never ceases to be transformed, just as the devil polymorphic. It seems to flow with a beautiful fluidity, such as the goddess of the river. Down the standard of the animation, a tale of the cruel and poetic.

Ballerina. Eric Warin and Eric Summer tell the way of Disney the adventures of Felicie, an orphan girl with the big eyes who dream to be a dancer at the Paris Opera. Lined by Camille Cottin, the heroine, who will, of course, to show themselves courageous, and is accompanied by a childhood friend, an inventor, a clumsy style gyro Gearloose (Malik Bentalha). Winks at Barbie, Cinderella or Cruella dot this film that captures perfectly the Paris of the Nineteenth century. Advice from 7 years of age.

Personal Shopper. Olivier Assayas finds Kristen Stewart, who fascinated him already in his previous film, Sils Maria to make him live a strange adventure. While earning his living as a “personal shopper”, in charge of composing the wardrobe of a celebrity, Maureen, a young American loner, still haunted by the disappearance of his twin brother. It is the portrait of a woman, missing, filled, moreover, visited by the ghosts. She receives a mysterious SMS, or interested in, the figures of spiritualism, is invaded by the invisible world. It is sometimes overly sophisticated, but stylish. Prix de la mise en scene at the Cannes film Festival.

Manchester by the Sea. Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is the guardian of a building in Boston. In the bars, it causes fights, more to take shots than to give. His dreary life is disrupted by the death of his brother. He becomes the guardian of her nephew, Patrick (Lucas Hedges). By flash-back and the dropper, we understand the reasons for the suffering of Lee. Kenneth Lonergan does not put in the scene of an ordinary redemption, impossible here. But he orchestrates, without pathos and with mastery, the need of the consolation of wounded men. You can’t see who will be able to compete with Casey Affleck for an oscar as best actor. The most beautiful american film of the year, or even the most beautiful of all.

Cigarettes and hot chocolate. A family comedy, a feel good movie Sophie Queen who puts on the stage a father who brings up alone her two children. Dedicated, he’s doing rather poorly, to such an extent that it requires them to spend a training period of parental responsibility. “I am less flexible with my children that in the film,” says Gustave Kervern, confounding natural in the skin of this papa hen. Film editor on the movies of Rémi Bezançon, Sophie Queen signs a first feature film tasty worn by young shoots promising, Héloïse Dugas and Fanie Zanini. And Camille Cottin unexpected as a social worker, but very convincing.

21 December

The Brook, the green Meadow and the Gentle Face. With the neon colours and the next kitsch musicals of oriental, egyptian director Yousry Nasrallah staged a wedding peasant hectic that tells a lot about the situation in his country. Relationships of power, loyalty and betrayal, greed and lust treated with the vitality of the earthy to the Boccaccio. A vision tastily critical.

Assassin s Creed. adaptation by the Australian Justin Kurzel on the video game of Ubisoft Assassin’s Creed had of what to put in joy. Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons and Michael Fassbender were all in a casting tantalizing. Upon arrival, the blockbuster is not as convincing as expected. The characters lack flesh. The plot ends up being a smoker. The hero, who constantly relive the adventures of his ancestor part of a mysterious secret society is running in circles. Kurzel, who has the pretension to make of this storyline tangled a tragedy of shakespearean, taking the feet in his feature film. Too many effects to the sleeves, too fumaroles, too much ego…

Paterson. Driver of the bus 23, in Paterson (New Jersey), Paterson (Adam Driver), the thirties, has a life regulated like music paper. While his wife (Golshifteh Farahani) is constantly redecorate their apartment, he takes advantage of his breaks to write poems. Jim Jarmusch magnifies the daily life of a couple. It would have deserved a palme d’or at Cannes, where it has been introduced this year.

Memory. Isabelle Huppert in a singer forgotten by the 1970s appeals to the young Kevin Azaïs(Fighters) in front of the camera of the Belgian Bavo Defurne. In competition at the film Festival of Angoulême, this tragi-comedy a social manages to make credible a romantic relationship between two beings alone. The achievement licked it, and the music of Pink Martini give thanks to two great comedians.

28 December

Hedi, a wind of freedom. For his first feature film, Mohamed Ben Attia hits hard in telling a story of emancipation in Tunisia shortly after the arab spring. Commercial, caught in the nets of a traditional education, promised to a bride, Hedi finds love. His life is turned upside down.


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