Sunday, December 25, 2016

An air crash above the Black sea, decimating the choirs of the red Army Liberation

in Moscow, not a single survivor identified as Sunday evening among the 92 passengers and crew members of military aircraft of the Russian crashed in the beginning of the day in the Black sea. The device had taken off from the airport Tchkalovski, near the Russian capital, with a destination of the air base Hmeimim, in the south-east of Latakia, in Syria. It is only after a technical stopover in Sochi, on the coast of the Black sea it had disappeared from the radar screens shortly after he emerged.

ORTF. on board, 64 members of the Ensemble, Alexandrov, better known under the name of the choir of the red Army, who went to Syria to sing in front of the Russian troops stationed in Syria, 8 military and 9 journalists. On the passenger list is also included Elizaveta Glinka, head of the charity organization. She was carrying medicines for the university hospital of Lattakia. All Alexandrov was supposed to go in Syria to achieve one of the missions that have been assigned to him upon its founding in 1928 : to play in front of the soldiers in time of war from a repertoire of songs-traditional and patriotic. In 60 years, this training has been a tool of propaganda to be very effective of the communist regime.

In France, the choir of the red Army appear regularly on the screens of the ORTF, in particular, to sing the famous Kalinka. In 1993, can be found on the album Red singer Jean-Jacques Goldman before being invited on his tour. The fame of this training has earned him to be the subject of “clones”, with the image of the choir of the red Army MVD created by the ministry of the Interior and composed of a member of the national guard, the equivalent of the French police. After a tour in France in recent weeks, it will be on xscène in Lyon and Paris at the beginning of the spring.

For the time being, the black boxes of the aircraft damaged in the Black sea have still not been found, and no tracks, not that of a technical failure than a terrorist attack, was not privileged. The device that is crashed in the sea is a Tupolev TU-154 is placed in service for thirty-three years. He had, according to the ministry of Defence, 6 689 hours of volume, This plane is a replica of the Boeing 727. It was designed during the cold war as a response to the device placed in service by the american giant.

Cockpit.The B-727 flying almost more in its passenger version. the “It crosses a few in cargo version in particular on the african airports or in South America”, details a French driver who has spent ten years flying in Russian airspace. The TU-154, has seen its production stopped in 2013. It is distinguished by the presence in the cockpit of a mechanic in addition to the drivers, so that all Airbus and Boeing are today driven in two.

The TU-154 has in the past been involved in several incidents like the April 10, 2010 in which the plane of the Polish presidency crashed in western Russia. The balance sheet is 96 dead, including the head of State, Lech Kaczynski, accompanied by several political leaders of the country. The 1st July 2002, a device of the same type collided with a Boeing 757 of the company’s freight DHL over in Germany. The 69 passengers and crew members of the ship are all killed. the “The problem of the Russian aviation, especially its infrastructure, says the French rider customary of the local airports. Outside Moscow, the equipment for airports are in a pitiful state.”

By Franck Bouaziz and François-Xavier Gomez


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