Jean-Pierre Foucault will be the only man to hold the hand of miss France throughout his reign. – V. Damourette / Sipa

” If I’m in a couple ? It is a question too personal for me to respond ! “The response of Alicia Aylies, elected on Saturday miss France 2017, Paris Match who asked her if she would dwell alone or accompanied in the parisian apartment that she has occupied during his reign, is clear. But if the miss is in a relationship, she will have to cling to preserve it until the end of his reign.

The regulation says : no husband

Specifically, the regulations for the election of the miss did not prevent them to be a couple, but it should not be official. Prohibited, therefore, the marriage, divorce, pacs, and children. Sylvie Tellier had commented on this regulation for Slate : “to the extent that Miss France will be highly solicited during all the year and will participate in numerous journeys, we ask to be relieved of all obligations to the family. In addition, our regulation is in phase with that of the international competitions on this point. “

rèregulation, prohibited to the candidate à miss France d'être mariées, or pacsées.
The regulation prohibits to the candidates to miss France to be married or pacsées. – Screenshot

once elected, the rule does not change. If Miss France is in a couple, she has the right to say it, but it shall not make any public appearance with him. A situation that often puts their relationship to the test. Last year, after the election of Iris Mittenaere, TF1 did a report showing the loneliness of her boyfriend, deliberately ignored by the miss during the evening following his election. And the one that comes to pass the baton to Alicia Ayles has assigned it a short time ago that it was a difficult situation to manage.

A “curse” to miss

on The 23rd of November, during the official press conference of miss, Iris Mittenaere has conceded that his marriage was falling apart. A situation related in part, according to it, the role it has occupied for a year. She explained to the magazine Tv Star : “It is very complicated with Matthew. And it is true that unfortunately, I have the impression that this curse down on all of the Miss France every year. “

Before her, Camille Cerf was also suffered from the weight of her crown on her marriage. If his history had survived his reign, he was not left unscathed, and the beautiful and her boyfriend have broken up a few months after the return of miss the normal life. Not much to condemn the beauty queens to be celibate for life, but the turmoil are inevitable.

Sylvie Tessier, itself, has recognized that ” the torque of a miss, it never lasts very long time.” Other miss were also entrusted on the subject, such as Alexandra Rosenfeld, miss France 2006, which found that it was ” impossible to reconcile the two so serene “. If she is in a relationship, Alicia Aylies is prevented, it may be complicated…

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