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Super Mario Run, we tested the first game of Nintendo on iPhone –

Big N we had made a promise : get out a true mobile game, thought to our smartphones with one of his characters-leading star… neither one Nor two, to ten days of the orgy of chocolate truffles and foie gras, it is a sort of first pass at low altitude from Father Christmas to which we are entitled in this December 15, 2016 : Super Mario Run is out on iOS !

A real game… mobile

In theory, there would be enough to make the wheel and take out the juice of the grape carbonated. But since march 2016 and Miitomo, the Nintendo fan owner of a smartphone is circumspect. The social app, the first step of the japanese firm in the mobile world, was probably a little too quirky and limited, may be a little too japanese to actually pack the western players.

But let us be reassured, Super Mario Run is a real video game. Aesthetically, it makes us think of the Super Mario released on Wii and Wii U, with graphics that pretty and cared for, which revisit to our delight, the universe-as-usual franchise. Prairie, desert, haunted castle, air platforms, caves, disturbing, etc, that are found spread across six worlds, sub-divided into (only) four levels, including one where you face a boss.

similarly, we find the enemies he has learned to hate over the decades. This includes plants piranhas, the cannonballs avengers, the turtles, winged, ghost shy, etc, On the other hand, with the exception of the star of invulnerability and the mushroom base, we have not encountered weapons and powerups that we usually help us out with dignity. No ball of fire, ice or a combination of flying squirrel. You will have only your reflexes to triumph.

And they will be put to the test. Because, a constraint of the smartphone requires that, Nintendo had to rethink the gameplay is usual that you usually see scrapping it with a stick or a d-pad and two buttons, one to jump/fly, the other to accelerate. Here, you will be able to play as a hand, a finger.

In this case, in the manner of the excellent Rayman Run, Fiesta Run or Adventures of Ubisoft, and as the Run’s title suggests, Nintendo has decided to make life easier. Mario runs from left to right, you can only… jump.

still running

This may seem little, too little, but that would be forgetting that Nintendo is a past master in the art of designing levels complex and challenging, with many opportunities, which will require you to also replay to successfully collect all the bonus stars in pink, purple and black, in particular. To return to the jump, you can obviously make more or less long, high, direct, maintaining the pressure on the screen or by pressing again quickly.

therefore, it is a range of jumps available to you – that will test the responsiveness of your touchscreen to the test, sometimes with a misfire unfair… These variations, it is necessary to learn to align according to the opponents, who advance toward you and a few tricks of gameplay that introduced the Super Mario Run. Thus, we find in the boxes you will jump back, or stop you simply, allowing you to blow a little – but not too long, because the clock is ticking away – or wait for an enemy to have turned the heels, or tucked into his pipe.

To avoid dead animals and that the screens of our mobiles are too martyred, Nintendo has made it so that Mario will automatically jump over obstacles and enemies smaller. But you are also free to jump at the time of the crossing to make a figure and collect pieces of gold… Because the gold is more than ever the sinews of war.

A small desire to be antisocial

The gold collected will allow you to go through the in-game shop, which will not ask you to spend euros hard economic trébuchants. You will then be able to buy houses mushrooms, decoration and other useless stuff to make your “village” more enjoyable. This is the heart of the interface is quite well thought out and clear, Super Mario Run.

This village, you are going to the people, little by little, Toads by winning challenges against other players. To be able to face a challenge, as in many games of this genre, you will need to have won tickets to challenges in the course of the game, by collecting all the stars the color of a level, for example.

challenges and thus friends. Since Super Mario Run incorporates a semblance of a social dimension that allows you to create a list of friends – or find those that are linked to your Nintendo account, to challenge and compare their performance to yours.

But this willingness to be open to the outside world (and the fight against cheating and hacking, no doubt) imposes a real constraint. It is necessary that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the Internet to function. Without connection, you will not be able to do anything, not even access the interface of the game.

therefore, the long phases of transport often become the enemy of intimate Super Mario Run. In metro, don’t even think about. By bus, it will hold, as long as the connection holds the shock. The best, ultimately, is to play it at home, comfortably sitting a few feet away from a good Wi-Fi. Damage to a mobile game.

The price

ultimately, what to think of this Super Mario Run ? This first attempt at mobile is rather successful. The gameplay has been well adapted to the support and the levels are complex enough to give a hard time while encouraging them to return again and again to unlock all bonuses.

suddenly, we would be tempted to say that even if it is a Mario limited (and not lightweight), this game is well worth the journey. It goes from good times to échiner to succeed in these jumps that seem impossible. However, 10 euros for a game on iOS, this may seem like a lot. At this price, one would be tempted to leave the princess Peach is left alone and to leave with Daisy, to new adventures.

therefore, there are two options available to you. Either go your way or try the first levels for free before you decide, the purchase being in the game. Or try this new experience of a Mario adapted. It would tend to the second solution. Not to go would be to deprive oneself of a good run game, is enriched with a hint of ” social “, not unpleasant. So yes, 10 euros is a bit expensive, but Super Mario Run a pair certainly your mornings muddy after a party… provided that you have the network.

Download Super Mario Run for iOS


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