Dawn Kichenin, Miss Languedoc-Roussillon, to the announcement of the final result on Saturday. VINCENT DAMOURETTE/SIPA

Supported by a public that is fully committed to his cause, the Dawn Kichenin, Miss Languedoc-Roussillon, picked up the scarf first runner-up, Saturday, during the ceremony of Miss France. The first place has been taken over by Alicia Aylies, Miss Guyana. But the Montpellier retains no bitterness. On the contrary. The young woman of 19 years old, a student at Paul-Valery, responded to the questions of 20 Minutes.

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How do you feel after this strange weekend ?

” funny weekend “, yes, that is the case… I have a little recovered, I made a big cure of sleep this night, I really needed it ! I feel good, but a bit nostalgic, I confess. I leave thirty girlfriends, it was an adventure completely out of the ordinary, that we come completely out of the routine. Back to reality, this is funny. But I am extremely happy to have been able to participate in this experience, it gave me a great deal.

You are not a little disappointed not to have won the crown ?

No, because I didn’t get as high. Be first runner-up, is already huge, I am very happy.

Miss Languedoc-Roussillon, félicit Miss French Guiana élue Miss France.
Miss Languedoc-Roussillon welcomes Miss Guyana, elected Miss France. VINCENT DAMOURETTE/SIPA

Miss Guyana has won the crown with 27,89 % of the vote. You have gathered 26,15 % of the votes of the viewers… The gap was very tight.

Yes. Good, so I would not be unhappy to be Miss France, I do not hide it ! But at the same time, I am very proud to be entering this stage. And Alicia [Aylies, elected Miss France 2017], that is a girl very cool, and it is absolutely beautiful. It really deserves its place.

You have largely defeated all the others by the amount of applause Saturday…

Yes, I heard the audience, it was incredible. The fact of being here, necessarily, it is more applauded than the others… It made me enormous pleasure. The applause I wore when I défilais. But I was especially absorbed by the gestures of Stéphane [Jarny, the choreographer of the ceremony], which was in front of us.

what did you think, when you défiliez ?

This is really very special. I had never felt this. From the moment I was selected among the twelve finalists, I was completely elsewhere. Behind-the-scenes, they talked to me, all the world was agitated, and me, I replied almost automatically. I was also on a little cloud…

The hard part, that is the test of the questions by Jean-Pierre Foucault ?

Yes, completely. For me, in any case. I was very afraid to speak in front of millions of viewers. I was a little prepared for my speech behind the scenes in making me an awesome haircut, but not a lot… at the time, I had a little bit of pressure. On the question of the audience, it was also a little stressful. But everything went well !

Dawn Kichenin, Miss Languedoc-Roussillon, in the hard éevidence issues.
Dawn Kichenin, Miss Languedoc-Roussillon, in the difficult test questions. – N. Bonzom / Maxele Press

Miss Mayotte has fallen… It is a fear that you had them all ?

Miss Mayotte was already fallen in during rehearsals, so it had to weaken his ankle, and it has had to play in his fall… We tried to comfort her. The scene slips a little, it is true. It was an apprehension for all of us. But hey, each year, one of the girls fall. Then, I told myself that I could get up and smile if it ever happened. But I wasn’t afraid as much of the falls that the questions of Jean-Pierre Foucault !

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You will continue your studies of Portuguese language at the university Paul-Valéry in Montpellier, france. The modeling isn’t for you ?

I know that as a first runner-up, I may be forced to scroll, to make representations, and this pleases me a lot. From time to time, it will be with a lot of fun. But I will not be a profession, I think, because I don’t want to devote myself to it. The tourism sector [Dawn has got a BTS tourism in June] really pleases me.

as the first runner-up, you are definitely going to participate in Miss World…

I don’t know yet, but as a first runner-up, it is possible. If the committee was offered to me, I’d be absolutely delighted ! I had a so beautiful adventure of Miss France, if it can continue to Miss World, it would be a lot of happiness…

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