Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Miss France 2017 : the mother of Alicia Aylies confides to his daughter [Photos] – Télé Star

Alicia Aylies, who has just been elected Miss France in 2017 is for a few days on a small cloud. Miss Guyana has managed to win the beauty contest French and wished to thank two very important people to her : her parents. His mother, Marie-Chantal Benfroy is entrusted to our colleagues from TF1 and was very proud of his daughter.

And actually the Miss owes much to its parents, of which a part of its beauty ! But they have also been a moral support for this competition, and his mother said : “This is my baby, since she was little we both, we both do everything together and there it is difficult, but I’m happy for her.” During the press conference held after her election, she had wanted to have a thought for his parents : “I still can’t believe it. I was so stressed during the show that my smile was shaking. But the encouragement and the audience screams have me dialed in ! In the announcement of the result, I could not hold back my tears. I thought of my parents and to all those who have supported me since the beginning. It is a beautiful victory!

It would seem that behind the scenes, the ambition ofAlicia Aylies has annoyed some people… “His strong character had annoyed several members of the organization Miss France” were telling our colleagues in the Paris. Miss Mayotte added : “This is a girl determined. It would not have supported not to be in the 12 finalists. It was that she was going to win.


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