Thursday, December 22, 2016

Charles Aznavour tackle Michel Polnareff at a concert, he replied on Twitter – LCI

SMALL CLASH – Charles Aznavour, 92 years old, was on the stage of the Palais des Sports in Paris on Wednesday 21 December, and did not hesitate to bite Michel Polnareff referring to his concerts cancelled. The latter quickly responded on his Twitter account.

Charles Aznavour is obviously not the type to cancel a concert at the last minute. He said. In the representation on the stage of the Palais des Sports in Paris on Wednesday 21 December, the singer, aged 92 years has not let pass the opportunity to tease Michel Polnareff after the case has shaken the world of French music at the beginning of December, following the cancellation of two concerts.

After an hour’s show and sound problems, according to Paris Match, he launched, a little sluggish, the public present in the room : “I’m not going to apologize for having this voice. Me, I’m not going to cancel for stories of insurance… And anyway, you’re not there to hear me sing, but to hear the texts. Well then, you’ll see.”

A small tackle, which is not fallen into deaf ears. On Twitter, Michel Polnareff responded quickly, first in a message : “I have the deepest admiration and friendship for Charles, but I must admit that his medical knowledge…”, and then retweetant many reactions from his fans. But the singer, trying to tease him too, also shared some articles dating back to November 2015, a period in which Charles Aznavour had to cancel concerts for health problems…


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