Friday, December 16, 2016

The contest Miss France considered nerdy by feminists – The Figaro

The association Dare feminism has denounced the holding of a competition ” based on a competition ultra-violent between women “. A repeated accusation that does not seem to mark the opinion. Other fustigent a “combat useless”.

last year, it was the toys stereotyped under the christmas tree, this year, the controversial feminist of December relating to the competition Miss France. The association Dare feminism (OLF) denounced the holding of the election of the most beautiful woman of the hexagon: “It is very curious that in 2016, we feel still need to be put in competition with women, not on intellectual criteria or merits, but on criteria purely physical” said to the AFP, Clear Greenhouses-Combes, the president of the association. OLF castigates “the ringardise the most intense, based on a competition ultra-violent between women”. The actress Michèle Larrouqe had opened the dance on RTL on 10 December: “for Me, it’s fun for me not too. It is not my thing. I get bored a little. [...] It is true that without being a feminist, I don’t like necessarily that we present the girls only for their physics can provide, I prefer the talent, and so much th e better if the girl who has the talent is magnificent.”

“Tyranny of beauty”

The contest of beauty exist since Antiquity. The philosopher Theophraste tells us that in ancient Greece, it referred to as many men as women. But they take on a new dimension in the Twentieth century, where they are institutionalized at the national level and profile. In France, the national competition of “the most beautiful woman of France” was created in 1920, and takes on a real dimension in the media thanks to the work of Geneviève de Fontenay and her husband in the 1950s. It is broadcast for the first time on television in 1986. Far from being “nerdy”, the beauty contest is a modern product and has never been as common as today. “Strangely, most women become subjects, they are objects. (…)The beauty contest crowning the first Miss America date of 1921, that is,… two years after the obtaining by the u.s. of the right to vote." remarked the novelist Nancy Huston in Reflections in the eye of man, pointing to the strange parad ox according to which modernity is supposed to have liberated women, had also created new ways to objectify.

The Miss contests have long been criticised by feminists in France, as in other western countries. In The Independent this summer, the journalist Amélia Perrin predicted their demise: “The beauty contest and feminism are not compatible, it is time that they die a death well deserved”, she wrote. Several reproaches are addressed. First, to promote the beauty and the cult of appearances as stereotypes only women. A “tyranny of beauty”, the exalted also in magazines, and denounced in particular by the journalist Mona Chollet in fatal Beauty. The criteria of beauty are challenged, in particular the promotion of perfect vital statistics, which complexeraient the majority of women. In the case of Miss France, these criteria are very precise: “a minimum height of 1m70 without heels,” or “be single, not married, non-divorced, non-pacsée, without a child”. Even if a contest of general culture was added to give a dimension of & #8220;intellectual” to the selection, and that emphasis is now very much on the commitments.

“A battle of futility abyssal”

But this sentence does not have unanimous support among women. Conversely, some accuse the feminists to dwell on small issues of not evoking not thematic, more serious, pointing to a “two-weights, two-measures”. “They spit on the contest of Miss France but have not responded – silence of Dare feminism, both on their website and on social networks – to the exclusion of women from certain public places, which is proven by the report of recent France 2 in Sevran.” writes, for example, Gabrielle Cluzel on the site, right-handed Boulevard Voltaire, referring to a documentary recently showing the non mix in some cafes in the suburbs. Or Marie Anne Soubré, in the Big Mouths on RMC: “I want to say to Dare to feminism, what annoys me is that in this country, there are women who can not go to the bistro in some cities, women do not have equal pay. There are in the world of little girls who can not go to school, there are girls who are cut. In France, there are girls that can’t dress as they want and they come to us to fuck with Miss France, but Dare feminism, wake up!” Yael Mellul, a lawyer president of the association “Woman & Free” is surprised by the promotion of a fight that she believes “a uselessness abysmal,” “so that there are situations far more serious, where the dignity of women is actually denied”. “These are the feminists that reduce the Miss their physical. They often speak of choice for the sailing, others for prostitution, they apply the freedom to dispose of his body also to Miss. It is their choice!” exclaims the lawyer.

“feminists are wrong to fight”, for its part, has reacted Sylvie Tellier, director general of the company Miss France. “The Miss France to take the floor and engage in a number of fine causes. They also act to improve the status of women,” she defended.


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