Thursday, December 15, 2016

“Sausage Party” : it is not easy to judge the sexual relationships between boxes of oatmeal, and crackers – Télé

catholic associations felt that the prohibition of "Sausage Party" for children under twelve years was insufficient. A judge, after having peeled off the film scene-by-scene, has denied.

It is the judges who have jobs more unusual than others. Mrs. Weidenfeld, the interim relief judge at the Paris administrative court, had the task to consider the request of two associations located near milieurs catholic fundamentalists, to Promote and Action for human dignity, who demanded that the animated film american Sausage Party is rather prohibited to minors under sixteen years of age to those under the age of twelve because of the ” trouble “ that it could give rise to ” this young audience and their parents “.

as a Result, the judge had no other choice than watching the 89-minute feature film directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, and comment in the recitals of its order, issued this Wednesday, December 14th, the scenes on the most controversial. This gives a text written in the language of judicial classic with passages, to say the least… croquignolesques :

” Considering, however, that, on the one hand, if a sequence, stealthy, mime sexual relations between a box of oatmeal and a box of crackers, it does not seem, in the state of the instruction, included a rape of a racist nature ; that aspiration by a pear-enema of the content of a brick of fruit juice can only be interpreted as referring to a sexual assault by spectators in a capacity to distance themselves from what is given to see ; in addition, this behavior, which is of the character which the role of "villain" is assigned, figure the negative pole of the romantic relationships and sexual to which to aspire, the two protagonists positives of the movie “

Or even :

” Considering, however, that the last sequence of the film, like the scene showing the pear-enema and a sausage attached to the pants of an employee of the supermarket, which have no character of realism, and are devoid of any connotation of violent or degrading, fit coherently in the about the work which is to depict, on a humorous and deliberately outrageous, the rebellion of the products of consumption against the human domination and prohibitions ; that, moreover, the stylized pictures of products in link with the physical intimacy, such as tampons or condoms or the glances and movements of the tenderness of a taco to a hot dog bun does not exhibit the character of sex scenes “

in The end, the judge said that if the dialogues of Sausage Party use of the terms raw, these are, ” something regrettable that is this circumstance, widespread in the everyday world of young adolescents and does not appear to be, in fact, not of a nature to offend minors over twelve years of age “. And that the scenes complained of are not ” no character realism and are devoid of any connotation of a violent or degrading manner “.

In the state (but Promote, in particular, has a habit of not letting go until all appeals are exhausted), Sausage Party will remain so “only” prohibited to minors under twelve years of age.


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