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Death of Debbie Reynolds : stars and fans upset by its c¤339;ur broken – The Figaro

REACTIONS Hollywood and film fans are rattled by the death of Debbie Reynolds, 24 hours after that of her daughter, Carrie Fisher. On social networks, they praise a mother who could not bear to be separated from her child.

Amazement and sadness on the social networks after the death of Debbie Reynolds. The star of Singing in the rain, one of the last representatives of the golden age of hollywood studios, survived 24 hours, her daughter Carrie Fisher, succumbing to a stroke, even though she had organized the funeral of the interpreter of princess Leia. His last words were, according to his son, “I want to be with Carrie”. This double tragedy which strikes one of the dynasties of the 7th american art has turned Twitter and Instagram into a place of reverence and homage, the stars and movie-goers alike.

Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker of Star wars and brother of fiction of Carrie Fisher, a summary of an image his ras-le-bol, in the face of a year 2016 murderous:

“It is too hard to accept. Debbie was beautiful, talented, and devoted to her art She follows Carrie”, was published Bette Midler. In his image, many contemporary Debbie Reynolds responded. “I can’t believe that it happened a day after Carrie. My heart goes out to the daughter of Carrie and daughter, Debbie, Billie,” wrote the director Albert Brooks, who had been running the star of Singing in the rain in Mother. “My heart is broken. She was a wonderful friend. My thoughts go out to his son and his granddaughter” is moved Joan Collins.

echoing of all, the presenter Ellen DeGeneres “can’t imagine what runs through the family of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher. For George Takei, legend of Star Trek, “there is nothing more hard than to have to bury his child. Debbie died of a broken heart, but at least she is with Carrie,” he said. His colleague, William Shatner points out that “Debbie Reynolds was one of the last queens of Hollywood, and he had hoped not to be plunged into mourning for the last days of 2016″.

“they are based in is not an appropriate indication for Debbie and Decay, I hope that they are together and have fun”, has wanted Mia Farrow. Debra Messing, the heroine of the sitcom Will & Grace, in which Debbie Reynolds played her mother, believes that “Debbie is a party to join Carrie. She was worried still for his daughter. Carrie is a party too early, and now they are together. Debbie was a legend and embodied the optimism of the us. When she danced with Gene Kelly, she was his equal. It was a warrior.”

The young generation is not left out. Oscar for best actress for Room, Brie Larson lit two candles and posted a poem, while Miley Cyrus “wants to kiss his mom.” The comical Josh Gad said he is “devastated”, as well as Kevin Smith, Dwayne Johnson, or the dancer of cabaret Dita Von Teese.

The singer Ariana Grande, who shared the poster of the horror series Scream queens with Billie Loud, the daughter of Carrie Fisher, “embraces her friend” doubly bereaved. Their co-star Lea Michele (Glee) has posted a photo of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, exclaiming “This is too much”.

And when the grief is too strong, some have preferred to leave talking about the great roles of Debbie Reynolds, or snapshots of family, a time more happy:


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