Saturday, December 17, 2016

“The lost Worlds” : at the heart of the Jurassic feathers – Télé

faithful reproduction of the secondary era, this documentary series reveals dinosaurs with beaks and fluff, such large birds.

The jubilation of the dispute to the wonder : ” It was a bit like being God in making such films ! Not only are we bringing back to life the extinct animals, but it is sublime as nature : it adds stunts, it turns on extinct volcanoes ! “ Co-director, with Emma Baus, from the magnificent series lost Worlds (1) , Bertrand Loyer has criss-crossed the globe, for four years, in search of scenery conducive to a faithful reproduction of the secondary era. His trilogy, the documentary tracks the first traces of life on earth, tells of the disappearance of giant insects and proves that most of the dinosaurs shared many characteristics with birds : claws, beaks, down. An easy access thanks to its pedagogical approach, the production was assisted by thirty of paleontologists, ornithologists, physicists… It operates especially with talent all the possibilities of the synthetic animation. Since 1996, the year of the revelation to the public of the Sinosauropt éryx, first theropod dinosaur (2) with a creamy fluff, to the knowledge of dinosaurs continues to grow. But the representations of these dragons to the feathers of the Mesozoic era continue to raise questions. For Bertrand Loyer, the images of lost Worlds should not suffer any approximation : ” All of our reconstructions have been validated by the paleontologists. They sometimes have need of discussions without end ! “ remembering an exchange thorny which has mobilized for six months, leading specialists of the pterosaurs (flying reptiles), the filmmaker relishes the fact that it had reached an entente cordiale on the length of the ridges of Germanodactylus ! The attention to detail has prompted him to require of its leaders, in charge of drawing on the computer, pay particular attention to : ” like the Middle Ages for men, these periods were not peaceful for the animals. The fights between predators left enduring scars. So I did add ey es blind, wounds, claws, and broken teeth. “

Sharp in the goal graph, the designers of lost Worlds also called the game of the scientists who appear on the screen, invited to accompany the next to the dandinement a lizard with wings 3D. And disturbed — virtually — by these overlays, fun, white lab coats interviewed embody a form of knowledge cheerful, which takes away from the gloss or jargon scholar. But what lessons these experts have been able to draw put in images of their objects of study ? According to Bertrand Loyer, the views scanned is still a mode of extension : ” Even with the best of image synthesis, we propose a reflection photo-realistic of the state of the science. Researchers may not discover anything in our pictures, which will always be below their faculty of imagination and extrapolation. “ are Pioneers in the representation of the oldest feathered dinosaur, the Kulindadromeus, discovered in 2013, the teams of lost Worlds have even had to adjust their modeling of the beast. Full-editing of the episodes, the professor of brussels Pascal Godefroit has found that, in addition to its filaments woolly animal had quills similar to those of the porcupine !

trial-and-error in programming, the designers have fashioned a good twenty species known, which are asleep in the stone for hundreds of millions of years. Their figuration rigorous slice with some of the ideas received. As emphasized by Bertrand Loyer : ” Now, all the dinosaurs Jurassic Park can go get dressed ! Moreover, Spielberg was aware of this, he said : “Yes, I know they had feathers, but dinosaurs with feathers are not afraid !


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