Saturday, December 17, 2016

With open arms: please, not a comedy about the Roma with Christian clavier! – Le Figaro

VIDEO - That is what we did to god to deserve this? After the scandal triggered by the original title of the last film of Philippe de Chauveron, “Sivouplééé”, the first images of the film also created controversy. Unveiled on the 16th of December last, they showcase the home of a Roma family at a bobo. Attention, discomfort.

They were the only survivors of the shipwreck film that was That is what we did in the good god?. Las! After the blacks, the jews and the arabs, the Roma are the new target of humor more as the limit of the director Philippe de Chauveron. In the trailer for his latest feature film, announced on 16 December last by his favorite actor, Christian clavier, we find Jean-Étienne Fourgerole, intellectual, bobo and the media the false air of Bernard-Henri Lévy, whose consciousness of the left-wing is put to the test when he is forced to welcome home a family of Roma.

And the least we can say is that the first images of the film are at the height of what the title originally chosen for the feature film, “Sivouplééé”, hint: very, very limits. Difficult not to stand bewildered in front of some of the replies, pointing to “people who speak French very strange”.

But rest assured, the honor is except, as to hide the aching discomfort aroused by this trailer, the director has thought good to balance the harm in taking portrait terribly grotesque “left caviar”. Thus, according to Philippe de Chauveron, the bobo, played by Christian clavier, is a strange animal whose speeches filled with good intentions mask an irresistible lure for luxury villas and branded shirts. You said cliché?

not surprising, therefore, that the actors François Damiens and Anne Dorval, yet announced the casting, have preferred to flee the ship. The belgian player would have had to interpret the father of the family of the migrant group: the role finally returns to Ary Abittan, already present in the casting of That is what we did in the Good God?. As to the eternal muse of Xavier Dolan, Anne Dorval, she was camping the wife of Fourgerole. This is Elsa Zylberstein which replaced it.

last April, even though the film was only at the stage of the project, its title, Sivouplééé!, created already the scandal. Questioned about this on the tv show News and company BFMTV on 21 April, the French filmmaker Toni Gatlif, whose entire filmography is dedicated to making a tribute to the Roma community (Gadjo Dilo, Transylvania…), had expressed his profound contempt for the new film project of Philippe Chauveron.

On the social networks, the new movie from Philippe de Chauveron had also caused an outcry. The change of title will obviously not be enough to silence the controversy, as on Twitter, users multiply the indignant reactions since yesterday. These scandals repeatedly will prevent the feature to be welcomed “with open arms” by the French public? Response to the 4 April next, when the theatrical release of the film.


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