Friday, December 23, 2016

The lesson of the great Charles – Le Parisien

Y a-t-he a sound engineer in the room ? On Wednesday evening, there is a concern for the first four songs of Charles Aznavour, in a palace of Sports, quasi-peak, as it is necessary to strain to hear his voice. He himself ends by pulling the alarm signal, admitting : “I don’t hear me and suddenly I have the impression that the room does not hear me” and the sound improves. Because when Charles Aznavour talks, people listen. And as he is ” on stage like at home “, he talks a lot and without a filter. It entertains and amuses us when he reminds us that he sings with the help sometimes of the words that scroll across three prompters laid at his feet. “I’m not the only one doing it, but I’m the only one to say so. “

When he jokes about his voice, ” more broken than usual “, he adds : “I would still not cancel and say :’ I am sick, the insurance will pay “, these are the ears of Michel Polnareff, who must blow the whistle.

A 92-year-and-a-half, as he likes to say, Charles Aznavour returns to sing three nights in Paris (with the 26 and 28 December) and this tireless traveller reappears, full of confidence and in form. And it is to the great Charles for an hour and fifty minutes, 27 songs strung together without dead time.

The room rises

Each title is a lesson on writing and composition. The spectators of the first rows, which have broken their piggy bank, also assist with a magisterial lesson of interpretation, the fist tense on ” the Emigrants “, which now opens symbolically, the concerts of the eternal child of Armenian refugees.

The show then steals from classic hits, from “My friends, my love, my grief” to ” She “, her biggest worldwide hit, the sublime “Because” to ” la Bohème “, which triggers a surge of fans at the foot of the stage. The idol has fallen off his stylish black jacket for fun in a strapless red-to dance a slow one.

in Front of both of life and spirit, in front of a legend, oh, so alive, the room rises to give him a triumph. Near us, the young Marcel Amont, 87 years of age, who accompanied Aznavour in its early problems, is happy and amazed to see his friend at the top of the poster : “Two hours at such a rate, without flaw or burr. I’m on the ass. “


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