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Death of Carrie Fisher, the unforgettable princess of the “Star Wars” – The Point

Carrie Fisher, the unforgettable princess Leia of “Star Wars,” died Tuesday in Los Angeles following a heart attack, in just 60 years.

“It is with deep sadness that Billie Heavy confirms the death of his mother worshipped at 08H55 (16.55 GMT) this morning,” announced the spokesperson of the family Simon Halls, in a brief statement.

Her mother Debbie Reynolds has posted on Facebook a brief message. “Thank you to all those who were able to embrace the gifts and talents of my great girl and loved it. I am grateful for your thoughts and your prayers which will guide it to its next step,” which was signed: “the mother of Carrie”.

Carrie Fisher, whose name will remain forever associated with her role of princess Leia in the saga space, George Lucas, had suffered a heart attack during a flight between London and Los Angeles on December 23. She had been rushed in a city hospital in a serious condition.

Sunday, his mother announced that her daughter was in a stable state, forcing a phew of relief to its millions of fans.

The spectators have discovered the princess Leia and his legendary braided hair in macaroons in “star wars” in 1977, renamed from “Star Wars, episode IV: A new hope”.

Carrie Fisher was only 19 years old when she incarnated the princess of the rebellion against the Empire alongside Harrison Ford (Han Solo) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

The creator of “Star Wars” George Lucas has praised a friend of longstanding “extremely smart, talented actress, writer and actress with a personality very happy that everyone loved”.

- ‘may the Force be with you always’ -

It was “unique in his kind… brilliant, original. Funny and who was not afraid to express his emotions. She has lived her life courageously,” said Harrison Ford.

“I have no words… #collapsed’, tweeted Mark Hamill.

William Shatner, who has played in “Star Trek’s” captain Kirk, another legend of the space (imagination), regrets “that a talent and a light wonderful is to be extinguished”.

Justin Trudeau, a fan posted of the saga, was the first world leader to salute the memory of the princess. “We will never forget you, Carrie. May the Force be with you always”, has tweeted the Prime minister.

Carrie Fisher has known camping for a princess of great character, courageous, brilliant and funny. A UFO in a trilogy where the female characters are scarce.

Playing a princess “bagarreuse, full of wisdom and hope” was “more difficult than what most people thought,” said George Lucas.

His interpretation has inspired generations of actresses who succeeded him in action films. But also of the young women of the “ordinary”, which released on Tuesday photos of small girls, dressed as Leia, as a tribute.

Carrie Fisher has also become an unlikely sex symbol in 1983 in “Star Wars, episode VI: Return of the Jedi”. She appears in a bikini in golden, chained to Jabba the Hutt, a kind of slug giant, a smuggler-in-chief of the famous galaxy far, far away. A suit is a minimum that has moved generations of teenagers and continues to sell well for Halloween.

- occasional Appearance in ‘Rogue One’ -

In real life, also his humor was devastating, but in the 80s – despite or perhaps because of the success she has suffered from bipolar disorder and addictions to alcohol, cocaine, and drugs.

Carrie Fisher – promoted from princess to the rank of general, commander-in-chief of the rebellion – was re-established in December 2015, alongside Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in the latest installment in “Star Wars, episode VII: The awakening of the Force”.

We see very stealthily to the end of the “Rogue One”, a new derivative of the saga of the original which is way out in the head of the box office since its release in mid-December, exceeding the mark of 300 million dollars in revenues after two weeks.

Carrie Fisher was born in Beverly Hills on October 21, 1956 of the union between Debbie Reynolds, star of hollywood’s golden age and, in particular, of the musical comedy “Singing in the rain”, and Eddie Fisher, singer and tv star.

If her acting career has not really taken off, Carrie Fisher showed that she knew how to wield the pen at least as well as the laser gun.

She has contributed to many scripts, including “Sister Act” (1992), “Alert” (1995) or “Tomorrow it is mary” (1998), written four novels and two autobiographical books, not to mention Twitter, where it had about 1.2 million subscribers.

one of The masters of the seventh art has given it a vibrant tribute. “I’ve always been in awe smug in front of Carrie. His remarks made me laugh and made me estomaquaient at once. She didn’t need the Force. She was a force of nature, of loyalty and friendship. I will miss it really much,” wrote Steven Spielberg.

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