Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carrie Fisher : the press of the whole world bows before the princess – The Figaro

PRESS REVIEW - In the image of the fans and stars of the star wars, newspapers around the world have paid tribute to a consensus on the interpreter of the princess Leia of Star wars.

For ever young and hopeful, as we discovered for the first time in star wars. In the United Kingdom to the United States through France, many of the newspapers of the world had, on the morning of Wednesday 28 December, Carrie Fisher in her long white tunic of Star Wars, the hair rolled in macaroon.

The photo that comes up the most often shows the actress, swept away on Tuesday by a heart attack, at the age of 19, in the guise of princess Leia, weapon in hand, in the image of the tabloid british Sun title on “Goodbye princess”. Their brethren in the Times remind them that the actress 60 years of age has known, after the saga, “a nice career as a writer and author”.

The‘the Irish examiner the mourning for the “queen of science fiction”, while the Spanish La Vanguardia crying “the eternal princess Leia”. Bild seems to be one of the few German newspapers to have had the time to finish integrating the new. Simply a box announces that “Sadness among the fans of Star wars, princess Leia is dead”

On the same photo warrior, the tabloids in new york New York Post and Daily News pay tribute to a “princess beloved” and a heroine “true force of nature”. The New York Times had written a warning all in poetry at the announcement of his demise, on Tuesday evening, describing Leia “as a girl capable of defending herself, without knight, and deal with any situation of distress”. In its edition of Wednesday, it depicts a “princess movie that had known the dark side and the light of glory.”

on the French Side, Liberation makes her a princess, imitating the famous talk to the other side of Yoda “Carrie Fisher, part of it is”. Blink of an eye, the title next refers to the setbacks of Auchan, evoking the “dark side” of the sign. Le Figaro and The new yorker together in the same sorrow of the death of the american actress and her sister in French and accomplice of Louis de Funès, Claude Gensac.

A minority of titles, such as the Italian La Stampa which says “farewell to the princess of the star wars, has chosen to immortalize the actress in her bikini golden Return of the Jedi.

More daily, the british Guardian the columbian El Tiempo through the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times have selected snapshots more recent showing Carrie Fisher is aging. His face betrays the trials and addictions. For the newspaper of the american capital, Carrie Fisher was “a rebellious princess who never miss its target. A writer, she has transformed her life into an open book”. Its counterpart in california remembers him of an actress “in mind as funny on screen as in life.”


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