Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tokyo – The app Super Mario arrives on the IPhone, decrease the action Nintendo – The Express

The pioneer of japan has brought online this new feature in more than 150 countries to 03: 00 Friday, Tokyo time (Thursday 18: 00 GMT), told AFP a spokesman for Nintendo.

Super Mario Run” is the first real game developed by Nintendo for smartphones and an exclusive first time for devices of the firm of Cupertino.

the Highly anticipated everywhere, it captured already in the early hours of the morning, a hundred of comments and criticisms from players, nothing on the virtual store japanese Apple.

However, the action Nintendo dived more than 5% Friday morning on the Tokyo stock Exchange, a few hours after this update online, and that information are downloads on a massive scale in several countries.

The Nintendo title has fallen to 26.030 yen in early trade, a decline of 5.60%. Other information about Nintendo, including comments from brokerage houses, were able to disrupt the investors who had made great provision of shares in Nintendo before the launch and may be tempted to take profits.

also, “some, who had, perhaps, overestimated the potential profits from the download, seem to be disappointed,” explained to the AFP Takao Suzuki, an analyst for Daiwa Securities. It is found, however, that “the important thing for Nintendo is that players continue to have fun with their characters, in order to maintain the momentum” before the launch in march next console hybrid (fixed and mobile) known as Nintendo Switch.

Originally announced in September by the father of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, and detailed in November, the arrival of the most famous plumber mustache in the world on smartphones and tablets Apple brand so the real strategic shift from Nintendo, which has long been restive in the market for mobile games, preferring to reserve its offerings to its consoles.

Previously, Pokemon Gb, the phenomenon of fun in this year, was designed by the american studio Niantic, Nintendo merely a secondary role. And the application Nintendo Miitomo for smartphones, launched in the spring of last year, was more a sort of social network fun than a proper game.

Super Mario Run, designed in partnership with the japanese company, DeNA, is a game said platform which helps move Mario in different worlds and overcome a variety of challenges. It is particularly this kind is highly prized by a wide audience that has made the reputation of Nintendo for decades. At the stock Exchange, the title of the partner involved DeNA dévissait also, more than 7% on Friday morning.

The download of a version limited to two levels is free, but the grind full pay, around $ 10, charged through the store of Apple, a model that may put off some when one notes the impressive number of games that are not pay available for mobile devices.

On an estimate of 200 million downloads by march, David Gibson, of Macquarie Securities, quoted by the agency Bloomberg News, is believed that only 10% will opt for the full version. “fans of the brand will spend probably“, the judge said it, but what about the other ‘


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