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VIDEO – The scandal which has forced George Michael to reveal his homosexuality – Gala

George Michael died on Christmas day at the age of 53 years. Between success the shining and some of the gutter press, the life of the ex-singer of WHAM! was worthy of a saga hollywood. In 1998, the singer was arrested for alleged indecent assault in a public toilet and forced him to make his coming-out. Of this embarrassing situation, he takes a song and especially a clip full of humor that no one has forgotten.

pop Icon of the 80s, world-famous with the group WHAM! and then pursuing brilliantly his solo career, the private life of George Michael is, however, long remained a mystery. Displaying in her videos and on stage with extravagant outfits, in mini shorts or tight jeans, from the beginning of her career as the british press is not slow to talk about the homosexuality assumed the singer. He said on this subject in Paris Match in 1988 : “I think that these questions have no place to be, that it is a violation of privacy. It is for this reason that I do not warrant or démens no rumor about my private life. ” It will maintain this line for years, evading the questions, insistent journalists and blurring the tracks.

In 1991, he met in Rio the designer Anselmo Feleppa with that he is going to live a great love story. With aids, he died two years later, leaving the interpreter to Wake me up distraught. In 1996, he dedicates his album Older and especially the song Jesus to a child, ride heart-wrenching on grief written in the autumn of 1994. It was at this time that the singer will finally talk about his homosexuality to his parents. Very close to his mother, he admitted years later in an interview with the newspaper The World not have wanted to worry about him revealing his homosexuality :at the age of 19 years, I failed to make my coming-out, but the fear of worrying my mother, while we were in the midst of the years aids, has prevented me from doing so. ” She died of cancer in 1996. Very affected by these losses in succession, and George Michael will begin a slow descent into hell, between excessiv e consumption of drugs and alcohol..

April 7, 1998, a man follows the singer in a public park in Beverly-Hills and the dredge. While the situation takes a turn explicit, the man pulls out his badge as a police officer. He was arrested for “lewd behaviour” and the sex scandal that forced him forced to reveal that he is gay. A coming-out imposed in circumstances that are humiliating that the singer will take to the television and then the media summit to discuss the matter. He regrets what he refers to as ” act stupid and unconscious“, but will finally live his homosexuality to the big day. On 19 October, George Michael released a song called Outside in which he returned openly, and with an acid humour, on these events. In the clip, to the less explicit, the toilet is transformed into a dance club and George Michael launches into a dance number disguised as a police officer. If he knows how to show self-mockery, for turning an embar rassing situation into a real tube, George saw this coming-out that would escape it : “ For some strange reason, my gay life has not improved after being out of the closet. It was even the opposite. ” He will share during nearly 13 years in the life of Kenny Goss, a businessman in texas before the couple separated in 2009. Rumors reported in recent weeks of a possible reconciliation between the two men when George Michael was still officially linked to Fadi Fawaz, a hairdresser in australia. Neither of the two men has, for the moment, expressed on the death of the singer.

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