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New revelations compromising on Michel Polnareff – Gala

Since the revelations of the Sunday Newspaper last weekend, the shadow of scandal hangs over the hospitalization of Michel Polnareff. On 16 December, a new item that is relayed by our colleagues from M6 Info could bring trouble on the official version, relayed by his agent Fabien Lecoeuvre, and his wife Danyellah.

Michel Polnareff cancelled the final two concerts of his tour at the beginning of the month of December. It was claimed at the time that the artist was between life and death, in hospital in Neuilly, followed by the ” doctor of the powerful “, the doctor Siou, for a pulmonary embolism.

In the days that followed this admission at the american hospital in Neuilly, health bulletins, both optimistic than pessimistic, punctuated the daily life of the editorial offices in paris. But while we was waiting for the reassuring news about his health last weekend, the Sunday Newspaper had revealed the doubts of his producers on the illness of the Admiral. Our confreres had thus opened a new chapter, legal this time.

Michel Polnareff would he have lied? The JDD justified these doubts by detailing the nights which preceded the cancellations. He reported the concerns of Gilbert Coullier, the producer, who stated that Michel Polnareff had consumed alcohol the night before and the evening of the famous concert, in a restaurant, at the bar of the hotel Peninsula, in Paris. Disturbing. The singer was drinking it for the alcohol two hours before the beginning of its upcoming concert at salle Pleyel?

His agent, Fabien Lecoeuvre, says since these revelations that Michel Polnareff hadn’t had a drink this evening. M6 Info quote the agent:

“I joined up a little later at the hotel bar. Michel drank the mineral water".

However, the M6 info is believed to hold in his possession the receipt of this evening. It appears that a “carbonated water (12 euros)” has been ordered, and also “several other coffees and cappuccino, but also two daïquiris (cocktail made with rum), and a bottle of wine from domaine Trapet Gevrey-Chambertin 2011, charged 210 euros, for a total of 362 euros.”

For Fabien Lecoeuvre, always cited by M6 Info which made it clear that he does not drink alcohol, this note to the Peninsulacertainly is not one of their meals.".

The doubt is allowed, of course. But the revelations of this Friday, December 16, don’t stop there. Another point to blur the official version of the relatives of the singer, his / her admission to the hospital the next day, 3 December. The press release informing them of the hospitalization of the singer for "a significant increase in blood pressure, and respiratory failure" has been broadcast in several media at 14h22.

However, our colleagues believe that they have in their possession the parking ticket of the singer. Above, is marked with 15h06. The schedule is also confirmed by the GPS of the driver VTC, which led to Michel Polnareff in the hospital. It is the driver himself who has provided a certificate to Gilbert Coullier, the producer, on the time and destination where it has deposited the artist, according to the usual procedure.

These elements don’t stick with the version of the wife of Michel Polnareff, delivered exclusively to Gala on Monday 12 December. It mentions the arrival of her husband to the hospital.

once there, he asked Michel to explain to him his symptoms. He was unable to cough became natural, like a bad habit… once he realized that Michael had not sinusitis, it was decided to hospitalise him.

so How do we explain this difference between the statements on the time of the analysis, and the physical evidence delivered on Saturday? How do you explain that the editors might have been aware of a hospital that had not yet been decided by the doctor?

For Fabien Lecoeuvre, quoted by M6 Info, "there has been chatter and leaks to the hospital on the health status of Michel prior to his hospitalization. We knew all that he was going very badly. This history of the ticket and GPS, it is a manipulation to make people believe that Michael was not sick."

In this case, the justice will be, therefore, to disentangle the true from the false. If Michel Polnareff is out of the hospital this Thursday, it is not to much out of this story. Its producer, which could lose 500 000 euros for these cancellations, has the intention of seeking the truth by all means. It would also confided to his friends that he was resolved to pay this sum out of his pocket if it was proven that Michel Polnareff had actually been the victim of a pulmonary embolism, but surely not in the reverse case.

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