Tuesday, December 27, 2016

George Michael died alone, according to his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz – LCI

DETAILS – According to Fadi Fawaz, her boyfriend, George Michael, who passed away on December 25, died alone. The Daily Telegraph adds that the star was fighting secretly against an addiction to heroin.

It was her boyfriend who discovered George Michael, unconscious on the morning of 25 December, coming from the search at his home. Fadi Fawaz, companion of the singer death in the night of 24 to 25 December at the age of 53 years, told this Tuesday to the Daily Telegraph. He explains that the interpreter “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart”, who succumbed to a heart failure according to his manager, is dead-only.

“We had to go to lunch for Christmas. I went to see him to wake him up, but he was gone, he was peacefully lying in bed. We don’t know what happened to the time. Everything was complicated in recent times, and him and I were excited that Christmas is coming. Now, everything is ruined. I want people to remember him for what he was : a very nice person” entrusted Fadi Fawaz at the Daily Telegraph.

For Jackie Lombart, a French producer and friend of the artist, that is for sure, it is a natural death : “this is not due to anything and no substance, it is a natural death. It is the heart.” But some doubt this version. Still according to the british website, the cardiac arrest is common among heroin users, and, according to an anonymous source, George Michael was fighting secretly an addiction.

The source says : “It has been brought to the Emergency room on several occasions. He was taking heroin. I think it is amazing that he remained in life for so long”. For their part, his neighbours began to worry and were afraid that he spends Christmas alone. According to them, George Michael became more and more discreet these last few months and had changed physically, to the point of not being recognized by the people of his district.

while waiting to learn more about the causes of his death, many fans, neighbors and loved ones will make it to the front door of his home to pay their last respects and drop off flowers.


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