Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Death of George Michael: netizens reveal his immense generosity – The Express

The pop has lost George Michael, on December 25 last year. And the world has likely lost a artist generous and altruistic, if one believes the recent messages posted on Twitter.

Since the artist’s death of 53-year-old internet users, famous or not, reveal how George Michael has tried to help his neighbour throughout his life.

The british journalist Sali Hughes remembers, for example, have written an article about a celebrity who paid 5000 pounds to a waitress because she was a nursing student and in debt. “This celebrity was George Michael”, she says.

Loan to complete the sum if he ever lost

Hughes also reminds us of what happened in the british equivalent of Who wants to be a millionaire, in 2003.

When a difficult question to 64 000 books (“What a horse race held at Arlington Park in 2002?”), George Michael, who teamed up with Ronan Keating hesitates on the answer to give.

The two singers decide to answer “C”, namely the Breeder”s Cup Classic, but without much conviction. They hesitate so much that George Michael announces (3min05 of the video below), that if they are wrong, they will complete the sum to reach in spite of all the 64 000 pounds. They are, finally, not deceived.

Richard Osman, ex-host of the show british Deal or No Deal, remembers his side of a candidate who lost 15,000 pounds on the tray of his game. “This woman told us that she needed for fertilization in vitro. George Michael had secretly called the next day to give him the 15,000 pounds,” says the facilitator.

David Walliams, actor and writer in English, recalls the time when George Michael was given £ 50 000 to the association, Sports Relief, designed to help the poorest people of England. The evidence of his “legendary generosity” according to him.

George Michael has also given many free concerts for the nurses. A user publishes an extract from an old article, on which one can read: “George Michael will play for free for nurses in the NHS. The concert of the 20th December, announced yesterday, is a form of thanks for the care of his mother, who died of cancer in 1997. Michael said: ‘The nurses who have helped my family at that time were great people and I realized how much they were under-estimated.’”

“He worked anonymously in a refuge for homeless”

anonymous is going, also their story, not necessarily more difficult to verify, on the generosity boundless, the singer.

“George Michael was working anonymously in a homeless shelter where I volunteer also. I’ve never said, because he had asked that we not talking. That’s who he was,” says, for example, a user.

“A lady working in an association for children told me, once, that if the association still existed it was thanks to George Michael,” says another user of Twitter.

George Michael, donor, secrecy, and generous, has also regularly made public his humanitarian deeds throughout his life. On its official website, it is mentioned, for example, that all the royalties Last Christmas, Wham!, have been donated to an ethiopian organization fighting the famine. George Michael has also participated in the single Do They Know It s Christmas, for the charity Band Aid. As many of the actions that make no doubt that his disappearance even more painful.


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