Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pierre Menes : who is his partner, Melissa Acosta? – Gala

Pierre Menes has just been through a difficult period after you have chained the health concerns. If the worst seems to be behind him, he is still hospitalized. Very surrounded, he can count on the unconditional support of the one who shares his life since last year, Melissa Acosta.

The worst seems to have been averted for Pierre Menes, who is recovering slowly from a transplant suffered last week. If he remains discreet about his disease., it seems that the reporter of 52-year-old has received an organ donation. His girlfriend Melissa Acosta has posted on his account Facebook a photo with a long message in which she thanked those who, thanks to this gift, had made the smile, especially the hope and the desire to live. ” One thing is certain, the young woman has not left the bedside of the one it refers to on the social networks as the man of her life. A couple fusional appeared for the first time in public at the film Festival and film music of La Baule in November 2015. A year later, and in spite of the trials, it seems that the two lovers are more welded than ever. Melissa Acosta is regularly posting pictures of herself in the company of Pierre Menes and responds to messages that are worried about the ir mutual friends, since the announcement of his illness. The young woman, a native of the dominican Republic, lived in Miami and studied in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique, where she was a waitress. She has a passion for dogs, and especially to his three cocker spaniels.

Once married, Pierre Menes is also the father of two children, Anne and Axel. Although very present on the social networks, the journalist has always been careful to respect his privacy. But it seems to have deviated a little in its habits from the beginning of his love story with Melissa. A young woman that we imagine the opposite of these women with capital that he described during an interview in the magazine Interview : “The girl who comes waving of the croup in the night club does not have the concept of the wages of the tv. But I am not fooled. ” Now that he has found love, it’s missing Pierre Menes that to regain health. It is everything we wished him to 2017.

photo Credit : Rachid Bellak/bestimage


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