Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pollution : the return of the alternating circulation on Friday, December 16 at Paris – TF1

By Xavier BEAL|Written for TF1|2016-12-15T16:33:43.821 Z, updated 2016-12-15T16:36:28.165 Z

The prefecture of police of Paris announced the return of the outstanding round-robin for the Friday, December 16, due to the level of pollution. Plates only pairs can move in Paris and 22 neighbouring municipalities.

The alternating circulation is back ! After a first episode of 6.7 and 8 December, the prefecture of police of Paris has just announced the establishment of the traffic system for the Friday, December 16, due to a new peak of pollution.

A new peak of pollution !

According to Airparif, the level of information on the pollution of the air, triggering possible prevention measures, has been met, this Thursday is the will be again on Friday. On a scale of 100, the level of pollution for fine particles (PM10), which are particularly harmful to health, is expected to reach 78.

What vehicles are affected ?

All light-duty vehicles (cars, scooters and motorcycles) on pot-catalyzed are potentially targeted by the measure. But above all, we need to look at its license plate : numbered days, only cars whose plates have an even number can roll. On odd-numbered days, only plates having an odd number are allowed to drive. the Friday, December 16, 2016, the vehicles plate pair may ride.

What are the prohibitions and the exceptions ?

Some of the vehicles are closed to traffic regardless of the day :
- The heavy-duty vehicles (over 3.5 tonnes) with the exception of emergency vehicles, refrigerated trucks, cars, driving schools and taxis.
- All light-duty vehicles (cars, scooters and motorcycles) to pot non-catalyzed.

On the other hand, some vehicles are allowed to circulate on any day :
- light-duty vehicles non-polluting, such as electric vehicles, those powered by natural gas vehicle (NGV) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and hybrid vehicles.
- light utility vehicles.
- The vehicles which have taken place at least three people (carpool).
- vehicles whose removal is justified by the necessities of the exercise of the missions of public service (police, gendarmerie, firefighters, Samu, SMUR, vehicles, postage, cash-in-transit, pick-up and trash removal).
- The vehicle in charge of the supply of the populations (vehicle supply markets, food shops, cafes and restaurants, deliveries of perishable goods, refrigerated vehicles, tank trucks).
- The vehicle the use of which is strictly indispensable to the exercise of a professional activity and easily identifiable (public transport, taxis, vehicles of press, tourist coaches, school transport, vehicles d riving schools, movers, breakdown vehicles, vehicles hauling materials to construction sites.

What are the risks if you roll in the offense ?

If you decide to take the wheel so that your vehicle does not have the right to ride you risk a fine of 22 € to 75 € or even the immobilization of the vehicle followed by an impoundment ! to compensate For the alternating circulation, note that public transport is free of charge.


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