Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Assassin’s creed, the movie : The 3 moments that the fans will dig it –

Assassin’s Creed has just been released on our screens this morning. Melty has had the opportunity to see him and has prepared for you a list of 3 moments that fans of the adventures of Desmond, Altair, or Ezio will love to find in those of Callum Lynch and his ancestor Aguilar de Nehra. So much to tell you : this article will greatly spoiler the plot. If you have already seen the movie or you do not care about some of the key moments of the film, you can continue reading. If not, come back and see us later ! While a trilogy around Assassin’s Creed is in development, the director Justin Kurzel does not hesitate to drag in items that will delight aficionados of the assassins.

The first and arguably one of the most important : the first time that Callum Lynch is subjected to the Animus. Exit the famous table that is present in the games, here the device is much more dynamic. While the man relives the memories of Aguilar de Nehra, the Animus allows him to perform the same movements as his ancestor and as well to develop their own skills. While Abstergo him force the hand to retrieve the Apple of Eden through the Animus, the buggers are far from suspecting that it is their technology that will strengthen Callum Lynch and him to allow to escape with the other murderers prisoners. We want to say : oops ?

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the best moments of The film

At the beginning of the movie, the father of Callum kills his mother with a blade of the assassin. So far, nothing very exciting. The first true appearance of this last takes place during the first journey of the hero in the memories of Aguilar. While the Templars are decimating a village and threaten to kill a family in front of the eyes of the father who has hidden a young prince that the soldiers are looking up, the assassin sneaks into the crowd. It is in this case time that the last pulls out his blade which can carve a path through the annular sectioned of Aguilar, a sign of commitment to the cause of the assassins. An idea already present in the first game with Altair, and that the fans will love !

Assassin's creed movie, michael fassbender,aguilar, Ubisoft, Callum Lynch, film, spoiler, moments, animus
The famous talents in the combat of assassins

fans will also dynamic combat, worthy of the hashashin, and their terrible agility. During the second voyage of Callum Lynch, the latter must face up to a memory particularly painful : Aguilar is going to be burned alive. Fortunately, the assassin happens to escape to the sides of Maria and a chase begins. A chase nerve and fast during which the two characters of Assassins Creed excellent in the art of combat and parkour. A real treat for lovers of the franchise of the video game who will take their walk the face of this scene superbly choreographed. The most curious will even be able to discover behind-the-scenes in a featurette new Assassin’s Creed and learn more about filming such a performance.


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