Thursday, December 22, 2016

Miss France 2017 : Alicia Aylies looked “like a beast of show” at the school – Pure People

On the occasion of an interview with the magazine Paris Match, Alicia Aylies (Miss Guyana) confided about her childhood.

The beautiful mestizo 18-year-old, crowned Miss France 2017 last Saturday, is a great sport. From the age of 4 years, she has started the fencing and has done a few competitions that allowed him to stay in Metropolis. Scouted by an agency, Alicia Aylies then started modeling : “An agency I was spotted and had me sign a contract. Since then, I went on to catwalks and photo shoots.” A life to 100 at a time, which led to him sometimes being ostracized at school. But very soon, the new protected Sylvie Tellier has become an example to follow : “At the beginning, my classmates looked at me as primarily a beast of frequently. With time, some came to my shows. Others are registered to do the same.”

But before you scroll through on the catwalks, Alicia Aylies was far from paying as much attention to his physical. True tomboy is small, it is only at the time where she started modeling that she has become more flirtatious : “I have started to wear dresses and I wear makeup after my election to the regional [On October 8].

I don’t see my father for only a week per year

It is with her mom that Alicia grew up in Cayenne, while his dad was in Martinique. A remoteness not always easy to manage. In spite of everything, a beauty queen compared to Rihanna on the night of his election, has always been able to count on the support of its two parents : “My parents were in the room on the day of the election (…). It was the first time that my father attended one of my shows. I do not see that that one week a year during major holidays.” The reason ? The too high prices of the plane tickets.

And soon, it is her mom that she will also have to separate in order to ensure her reign as Miss France. A situation that she captures so much : “This is going to be difficult to leave to devote myself to my reign. Fortunately, we are going to spend the holidays of end of the year as a whole.

The full interview with Alicia Aylies is to be found in the Paris Match this Thursday, December 22, 2016.


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