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Carrie Fisher, princess Leia of “Star Wars” hospitalized in a critical condition after a heart attack – The Huffington Post

PEOPLE – The american actress, Carrie Fisher, mythical Princess Leia in the saga in space “Star Wars”, was the victim Friday, December 23, of a severe heart attack and was hospitalized in a critical condition.

The actress, 60-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest during a flight from London to Los Angeles and the passengers have administered care, emergency resuscitation, says the information site about celebrities TMZ.

Her brother Todd Fisher told the journal The Hollywood Reporter that she was “exit, emergency” and that his condition had stabilized, with no further details. The incident occurred 15 minutes prior to landing in Los Angeles, according to TMZ.

Erik Scott, a spokesperson for the fire department of Los Angeles, has confirmed that shortly after noon they “responded to an emergency call at the airport LAX (…) because of a cardiac arrest”.

“They immediately administered resuscitative care (…) and took her to a local hospital,” he said, without giving the name of the actress.

according To TMZ, the intensivists have put 15 minutes to get a heartbeat and the actress has been placed under respiratory assistance and cardiac hospital at UCLA Medical Center. The Los Angeles Times declared in the beginning of the afternoon that she was in a critical condition.

The hospital, contacted by AFP, did not want to comment and a spokesperson for the actress as Todd Fisher were not reachable in the immediate future.

“As if the year 2016 could be even worse…”

The actress Anna Akana said on his Twitter account to have traveled on the same flight: “Carrie Fisher has stopped breathing in the aircraft that we brought back with us. I hope that it will come out”.

“Thank you very much to the staff of United Airlines who rushed to help him, as well as the doctor and nurse among the passengers that brought him relief”, she added.

The airline has simply stated that “the medical staff came to the exit of the flight 935, which went from London to Los Angeles after the crew had reported a passenger inanimate”.

“As if the year 2016 could be even worse… I send our love to Carrie Fisher,” tweeted actor Mark Hamill, who played the famous Jedi knight Luke Skywalker, the brother of Leia, in the epic intersidérale.

“We’re sending you the most powerful Force,” she said Gwendoline Christie, star of the series “Game of Thrones” and who embodies the dangerous Captain Phasma in the new “Star Wars”trilogy.

it started with “The awakening of the force” released in December 2015, and its next installment, “Episode VIII”, should come out in a year, with Carrie Fisher re-wearing the costume of Leia in the two films.

according To the site reference, “Episode VIII” is currently in post-production.

the Daughter of a figure of the hollywood golden age, Debbie Reynolds, famous for her role in “Singing in the rain” (1952), and another star, Eddie Fisher, Carrie Fisher grew up in the heart of the film.

After a debut at the theatre with her mother and a leading role on the big screen in “Shampoo” with Warren Beatty, she has been propelled world star thanks to the role Leia in the original trilogy “Star Wars”, quickly become a cultural phenomenon between 1977 and 1983.

The hieratic and valiant Leia leads the rebel Alliance in the battle against the galactic Empire, the side of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and their companion, the gunslinger handsome Han Solo (Harrison Ford), with whom she has a romance hot.

The actress cheeky, warm and husky voice has admitted in several interviews to have been diagnosed bipolar and have suffered from addiction to drugs, alcohol, and cocaine, a large part of his life.

best-selling Author and fantasy female

She recognized to be used during the filming of “the Empire strikes back”, released in 1980, and entrusted to have undergone electroconvulsive therapy.

best-selling Author, she has reviewed his demons in “Wishful Drinking”. Her new book, “The Princess Diarist”, has just been released.

that was the fantasy female of generations of fans of “Star Wars” – in particular because of a scene from trapped in bikini golden – had announced in June that it would be holding an item of mail of the heart in the british newspaper The Guardian.

Carrie Fisher is also in the credits of the comedy series “Catastrophe” released by Amazon, in which she plays a mother… catastrophic.

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