Saturday, December 31, 2016

VIDEO. Cinema : this was the year Disney – Le Parisien

2016 was a record year for the cinema, thanks to films of the giant californian, with “Zootopie” and currently ” Vaiana “.

C‘is a record for cinema attendance in France. After 2011, marked by the phenomenon of ” Untouchables “, 2016 shows the best result history for the past fifty years. This year, 213 million cinema tickets were sold in the Hexagon. A sales increase of 3.6 % compared to 2015, already an excellent thought. If no film has surpassed 5 million entries (as of 2015, there were three of them : “Star Wars : Awakening of the Force “, “Minions” and ” Jurassic World “), 46 have attracted more than a million spectators in the cinema — including 18 French films.

For once, it is a mouse that has given birth to a mountain : the record 2016 is in large part due to the exceptional year of Disney. With his own films and those of his licenses, or subsidiaries such as Marvel and Lucasfilm, the studio occupies four places in the top 10 : “Zootopie “, “Vaiana “”Rogue One : a Star Wars Story” and ” the jungle Book “. Disney attracts more than 20 million spectators in cinemas, in addition to the 5 million who have seen ” Star Wars 7 “, released in December, 2015, after the 1 st January. Among these cards, the works of very different kinds : animation, science-fiction, an adaptation of a classic… “See the two animated films of the Disney studios of the year, Zootopie and Vaiana, in the top 10, this had never happened,” said a delighted Jean-François Camilleri, president for France of The Walt Disney Company. For him, this success is the result of t he policy of Alan Horn, the head of Walt Disney Studios, which combines ” a willingness to give both the means and the freedom.”

in recent years, the group has also expanded : Disney has swallowed the animation studio Pixar (against 7.6 Bn$ in 2006, or about 7.2 MdsEUR), Marvel (4 Bn$ in 2009) and Lucasfilm (4 Bn$ in 2012, approximately 3.8 MdsEUR). Investments that prove to be highly profitable, and not only in France : in the international, Disney is offering a record year with 7 us$ Bn revenue. This is the famous “global strategy” mentioned by Jean-François Camilleri : the group is betting on movies that are capable of seducing the whole world.

it allows our rooms to break a record, the weight of Disney movies in France, combined with that of feature-length films such as ” Deadpool “, “Like animals” or ” fantastic Animals “, proves the dominance of hollywood on our box office. Nine of the ten films seen in france in 2016 are americans…

The attendance record shows, in any case, the excellent health of the cinema, whereas in other cultural sectors such as publishing, the theatre or the musical have suffered this year, partly because of the attacks of November 2015. “The film continues to be a local medium, to the difference of the theatre which has suffered from the decline in travel from the provinces to the capital after the 13 November “, analysis Jean-François Camilleri. The excellent scores of films on television has not prevented the French from going into the dark halls. 2016 : year the film buff.

VIDEO. Cinema : a record year, led by Disney


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