Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Carrie Fisher: princess Leia in ten dates, Le Figaro

The famous actress died Tuesday, December 27 to 60 years. If his role in Star Wars will remain the highlight of a beautiful career, she has also managed to vary his performances, and invest in causes he held dear.

● 1975: at the Beginning of the film

Forced to cut short his prestigious studies, where she learned to speak French – to be an actress, Carrie Fisher gets his first role at only 19 years old. She played Lorna Carp in the film Shampoo of Hal Ashby, met with mixed success. But as soon as his second experience, the young woman will be immediately catapulted to the rank of world star.

● 1977: Star Wars episode IV

Star Wars: A new hope is literally going to launch the career of the young actress. When she was barely 20 years old, it gives the reply to Harrison Ford, who portrays the role of Han Solo. The complicity between the two actors is obvious. They maintain a link during the filming.

● 1980: Star Wars episode V

After the success of the first part, the saga intergalactic is back at the cinema. The enthusiasm of the audience is unprecedented. Everyone rushes into the dark rooms to see Darth Vader tell Luke Skywalker that he is his father. Carrie Fisher is perfect.

● 1983: Star Wars episode VI

End-of-the -first – trilogy finale. George Lucas closes the first generation of the series in beauty. Carrie Fisher, still in her role of princess Leia Organa, is a real star. The films become myths, and the young woman becomes a safe bet in Hollywood.

● 1987: Novel semi-autobiographical

Only Carrie Fisher has problems of addiction to drugs and alcohol. His reputation suffers as a result. Four years after the end of Star Wars, she released a novel semi-autobiographical, entitled Good Kissing-of-Hollywood.

● 1989: Harry met Sally

After a period of wavering, Carrie Fisher is back: it plays a second role in the classic When Harry met Sally, directed by Rob Reiner. A romantic comedy sign of the renaissance of the actress.

● 1990: Adaptation of his novel to the movies

taking Advantage of this good momentum, it continues its projects on the big screen. Carrie Fisher plays, writes and contributes to numerous scenarios americans. But the most significant will surely be the adaptation of his novel Good Kissing-of-Hollywood in 1990 by Mike Nichols, who passed away in 2014.

● 2000: the Fight against the bipolarity

At the dawn of the third millennium, Carrie Fisher is a diagnosed manic-depressive. In the Face of this new test, treated with electroconvulsive therapy, the actress is going to become a spokesperson for the fight against the stigma of bipolar. It allows the general public to have a different perspective on this mental illness, often supported and caricaturée. The artist has not been diagnosed at the age of 24 years.

● 2015: Star Wars episode VII

After a second trilogy controversial by the purists, it is the renewal of the saga. Disney bought the rights of exploitation and wishes to return to the roots of the historical success of Star Wars. In 2015, Carrie Fisher was part of the cast of the episode VII, The Awakening of the Force. As an ultimate tribute to princess Leia. In November 2016, she published a new autobiography called The Princess Diarist. it is in this book that she admits to having had a binding “intense” with Harrison Ford in 1976.

● 23 December 2016: Hospitalization

Amazement in the world of cinema. The actress suffered a cardiac arrest as “massive” fifteen minutes before his plane lands in Los Angeles. The passengers on the flight United Airlines administered care emergency resuscitation (cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth) before the first aid and rescue services do not take the relay to earth. It would have taken a quarter of an hour before regaining a pulse. Admitted to a hospital in the city of angels from the landing, the star died of the result of this attack four days later, on the 27th of December.


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