Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Rogue One : An adventure orgiastic in the footsteps of Joan of Arc intersidérale – Le Figaro

MEDIA REVIEW - The first spin-off of the saga is finally out this Wednesday, December 14th. “It’s dark and not dark”, the achievement of Gareth Edwards has predominantly seduces the French press, who sees it as a very good war film.

“With Rogue One, Star Wars is found from the force dark side”. Télérama gives the tone. This episode is “the darkest and most brutal” of the saga. Mostly, it is the general impression left by the exit of the spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with reviews from the French press. A film noir, and martial, who, far from the Jedi and the Force, focuses successfully on the aspect of civil war in a society in full rebellion.

A profitable choice made by the producer Gareth Edwards according to the First, which considers the spin-off as “the greater warrior of Star Wars” for a result that is well up to height. According to the magazine, the last 45 minutes, which will combine the fighting earth, air, and space, are simply “orgiastic”. The feature-length film finally makes honor the title of the saga, concludes the author of this criticism, convinced by this “war of the stars”.

Same goes for Mathilde Cesbron of the Point, which goes so far as to compare this film to “the Apocalypse Now of Disney”. “All the iconography of the great conflict is called” she adds, recalling that, on this film, everyone will agree on one point: “This is not a Star Wars as the others.” In short, Gareth Edwards has succeeded in his mission: working out of the legacy of George Lucas, while entering harmoniously his work in the saga, the most famous of all time.

positive Feedback, always, Olivier Delcroix Figaro, which sees in the movie the “great return” of the Force, but also of the wicked, the most famous of the cinema: Darth Vader. According to the critic, Gareth Edwards would have invented with its main character, Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), a “Joan of Arc intersidérale”.

The French publications also note the work on the supporting roles and the quality of the characters surrounding Jyn Erso, enjoying a final epic and overwhelming in a film that knows how to differentiate itself from other episodes of the saga. “Rogue One won’t be confused ever tribute to the essence of Star Wars, and totally ripping off slave” summarizes Philippe Guedj in The Point.

the Only exception to this general excitement: The World. The daily evening raises the same arguments, but is much less laudatory. For Thomas Sotinel, the film is “deliberately spooky”. In “this very dark tale of sacrifice and revenge,” the action would be the dramatic tension, surprise and imagination. The daily denounces a mission Rogue One “cut out in steps, like any digital game”, as well as the challenges the mercantile that would have conditioned this work.

Some critics also regret the introduction confusing and dragging in length, the resurrection 3D digital of some of the characters headlights and a set of actor uneven. But they all praise the strike force of the war film, first independent feature film of the franchise, Disney. For StudioCinéLive, the film is even “far and away the best that the saga has never focused on its sometimes too broad shoulders”…


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